A Glimpse Into The Near Future


I’m not one to post threads like this one, but I think I need to say this before the upcoming releases…

So! Who’s ready for all the coming “Behemoth to OP” “Behemoth Broken” and “Behemoth ruins Hunt” Threads?

I feel like there is a very real chance of this happening in Spring when he hits Shear… Threads like these were the first thing to enter my head when Behemoth was revealed to have a huge amount of health and armor.


Behemoth is DOOM! He will crush all that stands before him!

On a serious note im sure TRS is doing their best to make sure behemoth is balanced.


He is already OP. Like goliath. And kraken. Not to mention wraith.
Besides the fact that I killed and lost to everyone of them altleast three times and also lost and won ALL of the different modes(Defend just for some minutes, so much tactic needet as monster o.O) I can honestly say, that none of the monsters or hunters is OP. The monsters have different dangerlevels but that’s nearly nullified with a good player, regardless on wich side.
I just played two evacuation rounds with the same people. But the one time I was hunter(Lazarus) and the other time I was monster(Goli,Krak). And I won both times. Not that I want to say that I’m the best player in the worl but I have to say that you have to be veeery carefull by playing that game. Every mistake will be punished by a good team. There are some things that may need a little bit tweaking like Vals sniper but there is nothing undoable and no one is unfightable in that game. Everyone who wants to prove me wrong, can try it. I will try to answer everything with my experience from Alpha,Beta and now the real game since release.


I’m sure he will come out of the gate alright but I’m sure it will be difficult for them to balance a Monster who has poor mobility.


Yea it will be here. They could release behemoth 100 percent perfectly balanced and there will still be ten thousand op threads. People get the word OP and new confused. Obviously you gonna get your ass handed to you if you are not familiar with a monster. Its just a matter of strategy and tactics.

To be honest because of his lack of mobility as far as not being able to just leap out of danger. I would not be surprised if we hear more complaints from the monsters. As its been stated with him you will need a get away path, and your roll takes time to build speed.

This is why I love TRS they are not just making a bunch of monsters that are pretty much the same but with different abilities. They are making monsters that are all unique, and force the hunt to be done in a whole different fashion.


Seeing as Behemoth can’t jump, has 1 pull and 1 ranged ability, I’d guess threads will be ‘Behemoth sucks’ and not ‘Behemoth’s OP’. Seriously, it’ll be too easy to kill him for any mobile hunter. Not to mention that if you trap him in a place with a lot of high places for hunters.


I still kinda wonder how behemoth will play against hunter team abusing high vantage points.


Yeah he has has weak points with slow speed and needing to actually have a large opening to escape, which will limit escaping quite a bit… Which I suppose its good he has a lot of health and armor to sponge it while he makes his escape…


Yeah… That might become a serious problem actually… I’d say that he should be able to roll up walls when he picks up enough speed… Otherwise thats kinda broken, because even though he has a tongue grab it still needs to recharge, by which time hunters have flown back to the spot…


You forgot “Behemoth is pay to win”.


I think Behemoth could turn out to be the hardest monsters to play as. I mean yeah he IS a mountainsized ragemonster but he also seems to be very slow and (more importantly) HUGE! Can’t imagine someone sneaking around and avoiding hunters as that thing. Would be fun though. Five bucks to the guy who makes a Behemoth sneaking montage (10 bucks extra if you throw in some Metal Gear music).


Yeah! :smile: Thats a likely one too… People will find anything to complain about…


I’ve seen Goliath blending into the environment in plain sight quite easily… I think camoflaging as Behemoth will be pretty easy considering he’s basically a living boulder… :smile:

I’d be interested to see what he looks like Sneaking though, I can’t even imagine it with something so big…


That’s a funny one too. I honestly expect him to be the easiest one to hunt down, trap and kill. Only way he’d be balanced was if his tongue grab had like 5 second CD and his projectile throw something similar. Otherwise, you can just jump from one pillar to another and laugh at him while he has to go back down and climb up to you again, where you just jump to the first pillar again.


I think you’ll need to pick your battlegrounds with Behemoth pretty carefully. From what I’ve heard, he can pick up quite a bit of speed when he curls into a ball, provided he doesn’t smash into anything and break his momentum. But yeah if the hunters manage to dome him in a bad place he is going to have a pretty bad day (getting shot repeated does that to you). But hey who knows. His abilities might be pretty good.


Except that I’m afraid that once the hunters find him he’ll never get away long enough to level up his armor. Plus, how will he finish off the Hunters when they can leap from outcropping to outcropping to get away from him?


Yeah, I can see the Rock Wall being used as a defensive ability more than for attack, It’ll give him a few seconds to get rolling and also possibly turn in an unexpected diresction helping him lose the hunter’s trail.


Well, I think he should be able to roll up walls given he has enough speed to do so, as for getting away I think this will introduce the Rock Wall and bolt technique :smile: Meaning he throws up a rock wall then picks up speed during the 6 seconds and turns off in an unexpected direction losing the hunters Trails…


I would imagine that he has some massive damage if he is not allowed to really evade anything.

Killing a medic in 2 hits would probably make him one of the most dangerous monsters in the game.

You can be sure that they have tested him and given him something that puts him on par with the other monsters.


Yeah I’m not saying TRS have not done a good job of balancing him, he isn’t out yet so no one knows how he plays yet… I’m just wondering how they actually would balance him, having already stated he’s the toughest monster there ever will be…