A Genuine Round of Applause to the TRS Dev Team


Bear with me here but I’m not what you would call a die hard FPS gamer. In fact most of the time I’m into RTS ranging from the old C&C Red Alert or Generals to the Total War series. I have dabbled from time to time over the last 16 years, starting with the old Delta Force games and Counterstrike to the occasional COD. So when news broke of Evolve I have to say that I didn’t really take much notice. (I’m afraid Zombies have never done it for me either, sorry) It was only after the game was delayed that I started following it, and now I haven’t looked back (or at any other games in my library for that matter). And yet the bizarre thing that I (and I am sure the rest of the community) have noticed is how many negative posts there have been put up on the Net about this game from what I can only assume are some pretty ignorant and / or attention-seeking people. I’m starting to get quite sick of it all to be honest…

From the bottom of my heart TRS, screw them all. Your team have put together an amazing game. I would like to put a shout out to Robb, Chris and all their hard working team. I am continually impressed by the variety of gameplay options that you are putting into the game with the different characters, maps, and animals that inhabit these wild lands. It’s not an easy job, but the game overall has gotten better with every new character, balance patch and subtle nuance that has been put into it.

So for the real reason behind this post, here’s a positive bit of feedback for you all at TRS. You’re doing an incredible job. Keep it up. This burgeoning community is proof that you have succeeded and you should be proud of your achievement. So here’s to many more successful hunts in the future. Well done guys.