A gay bucket!?!?!


So I was playing Evo last night right and I thought i heard all the drop ship convos there is tot he game but i came across one i have never heard before. idk if its new or not but after hearing it it made me so happy! WE MAY HAVE A GAY OR BI BUCKET!!! heres the convo!


please watch it! im not againsts LGBT, in fact im gay myself but i just got really excited about this possibility!


I think this is reaching a bit, but I guess you never know.


I think is stammer in responding is less that he isn’t interested in female robots and more that female robots wouldn’t really mean anything to him.

He’s a robot, they don’t really have gender or sexuality.


A guy can hope can he? I mean… Overwatch trailers shows a girl and robot relationship lol


Evolve is not Overwatch. :wink:

But, until Matthew says otherwise all of this is speculation. It is possible that you are correct. :slight_smile:


@Matthew can we have a gay or bi bucket please?!


I"m gonna have to tag @zee in this, he has that “booty sense” in him.


So does @Azmi_Anuar.


A true Artificial Intelligence would know love, much like it would know hatred. It would be sad to show sympathy, or it would display anger (Bucket and EMET both do this). Building upon that it’s not that far fetched that an Artificial Intelligence would recognize the difference between same-sex and opposite-sex love.


Of all the characters who’d be gay, the genderless robot seems an unlikely candidate. I’d say that it’s so far in the future than concepts of sexuality are likely much different than today. At the same time it’s a work of fiction, which must be informed by the present day. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s wasn’t addressed because it’s just not an issue in that future(evolve universe). Being gay or bi might be as relevant information as your favorite color or maybe a mundane attribute about you. I wouldn’t mind LGBT representation in the game, but that’s totally Matt’s call on story, and relevancy.

sure, but the AI would have to have a gender identity for that to be significant to it. Bucket has never expressed a specific one to my knowledge. He has a male sounding voice module. That’s all we know.


I’m not saying that Bucket wouldn’t recognize it, I am saying that as a robot he has no need for sexual desire.

He understands how much Cabot loved his wife, that is pretty plain. Again, this is all my interpretation of the information presented to us. I could be wrong.


I have never seen this convo before…

I think he is not looking for love though


yoooooooo… I think yall are thinking too much about it. lets just accept a gay/bi bucket. HEY!!! MAYBE EMET AND BUCKET are in a RELATIONSHIP and act like they hate eachother!

sorry about the caps… i get excited a lot and i cant control when… :frowning:



like i just get super excited and i cant control the excitement. Like ive literally had friends who would either get excited with me and wed run somewhere but a few minutes later were like… why are we doing this again and ie also had friends who completely kill the excitement by turning their backs on me and walking away.


Nah, Emet want to glass the entire universe and everything in it.


All good, it’s just like- so random xD


Humans created sex robots in the past, and they will continue to do so for whatever reason. You may not see the need for it, but there’s developers out there who see great potential in this endeavour; I imagine it’s for the sad and lonely, heh. Regardless of why they make these things, robots are being made to fulfil sexual desires. Pushing passed fulfilling sexual desires and aiming towards consent, it would only make sense to program sexual desire to give the AI the chance of consenting or not.

Indeed. However we also know that Artificial Intelligence in the Evolve realm is a lot more advanced than the stuff we have. It’s not an impossible thing. Perhaps not very likely, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Mind you, I don’t really care about whether or not Bucket is gay, bi or robosexual. I just find it odd how easily an idea from a realm of fantasy and science-fiction is rejected, while there’s plenty of things that are accepted without further questioning.


this is very relevant, folks can’t put a gay or trans character in a game without there being an uproar. the only reason I’d argue against bucket is because he’s a robot and an AI. I’d argue for human representation before we start plastering sexuality on robots that probably already have to deal with robot stuff that’s very interesting to explore. Like being a robot or finding a meaning to one’s unique existence as a created Intelligence, unique even from your creators(humans).


Maybe that’s why Cabot always had Bucket by his side…

If you know what I mean