A gameplay video from YouTube with a ton of bugs


I am not gonna say anything, just watch the video.


Like I always said Only real men dare play BoB… he much better now but still worse compared to others…


The rolling and lava bombs are buggy


…and tongue grab and rock wall.


Also his red panda vid shows problems that goliath’s traversal has.


You think your game is glitched. Prepare to be amazed!


Damn, looks like some pretty heavy lag. xD

It was funny to watch though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happened for everyone, unfortunately ps4 dosn’t allowing recording of other players voices.


Yeah behemoth is plagued by several game changeing bugs that cause a lot of issues for him.





That was hilarious. How have I not ran into you ever? I see your name on the leaderboards but I don’t think I have ever played with you.


I actually havent played in a month or so, been in australia, before I mostly played with the Victorious Secret crew, should have met you while playing monster or vice versa though. To be honest I didn’t even know you were on ps4.


Evolve: The Clusterfuck


Do you play competitively? With a team?


I tried too but I could never get people to function together long enough coherently. I am always on the lookout though.


The qualms of evolve, maybe I’ll put you on the ranked players list, is your psn the same as your forum name?


Sounds great.

Almost forgot. PSN is username here.


Your already in one of them, but I can put you in the other one if you add me on psn. Both are kinda the same though.


The wonderful thing about this game is the terrible game breaking bugs go up exponentially as ping increases.


Rob is just really unlucky.