A game with 5 friends, what do we get ? What's missing?



When a “custom” game with 5 friends is setup, what are we missing ? Do we get “experience”, do we unlock stuff or are we playing just for the fun?

TIA for your answer.



You miss nothing^^
You get exp for levels and you get the progression for the stars


I don’t think it will count towards the leaderboards, not sure.

But a lot of people, me included don’t mind that.


Yeah right it doesnt count towards the leaderboards I completly forgot^^


What they said PLUS you get a ton of options for the map; so you can make sure there is no weather, or make sure it’s ‘bad weather’. You can add plants to make the monster’s life easier, or soldiers to make hunter’s easier. Etc etc.


Question for anybody who has tried to party up with 5 friends. Is this possible? Can you play Skirmish with 5?

I think I remember suggestions that this was something they planned on and should be the only way for friends in party to play monster against each other. If 4 they would always be hunters.

If that is true a party of 2 would never be matched with a party of 3, and I think someone mentioned that has happened and resulted in players in party to take monster.


You get everything but leaderboard rankings I think.