A game mode worth your attention

so uhh for some abilities for the big guy i was thinking he could be some kind of minion master? with like abilities to have temporary control over either the creatures in the enviroment or some sort of swarm he emits from his body if so id like to call him hive or something similar. there could even be multiple mega monsters so you have a choice just like with the normal monsters.

those that like this idea please like it so the admins are more likely to see it

also please help me come up with mega monster ideas and abilities

there are 4 monster types already now. Goliath - Kraken - Wraith - Behemoth.

whats missing is… the egg layer.
so to make this mode “possible”. we just need a big mothermonster to fight against.

Just wonder wich monster should be wich class… “trapper” etc.

Behemoth works like a tanky Trapper i think, with wall, and have tons extra shield/hp.
Wraith seems like an assassin class. wich we dont even have !!..
Kraken seem like a good support with its range skills.
Goliath i think is an assault brute… “hulk smash”

so guessing wraiths are going for the healer class ?.

so if what we’re missing is an egg layer then my minion master idea will work perfectly, i was thinking 3 of his abilities would be just laying different types of monsters so like one lays a kraken like one wich has flying and is very defencive in battle or atleast attacks from afar and has a couple of abilities and another lays a goliath type one which has the more raging brute type archetype and a couple of abilities and the last one lays a scout type which has cloak and such and the are all a bit weaker than tier one monsters and laying them has a similar animation and required time as evolving and you are weakened while doing so and you can have like 5 minions active at a time. they don’t leave a 15 meter radius of you except the scout who has no shield and very low health but of course were gonna need bigger maps for all this plus i was thinking we could have more than one mega monster each with their own archetype.

Imagine stage 3 monsters fighting against big robots O.o
(pacific rim…)

hah :grinning:

or one offensive (goliath type) one scout and then one that follows you around and does everything it can to block for you and keep you from dying and also when you evolve the do too maybe?

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Wait so this is just normal hunt mode. Just with different characters?

4 monsters vs Hunter uber robot mech warrior.

Mammoth bird projectile launcher. Megamouth mines. Tyrant nunchuks.

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I thought of something similar to this but instead of four munsters vs one big munster, it would be just like hunt four hunters vs one munster, but there would be a huge hostile wildlife thing that prowels the map that could easily kill the hunters and even the monster so you have to stay away at all costs. Of course if their were a mode like this the huge wildlife is incredibly hostile and would chase you so you’d have to lose it in caves and of course you’d need a big map for that.

instead of a humanoid we could have it a giant arachnid

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I’m shocked that nobody’s posted bigger-jaws pictures yet.

ok but what would the choices be… something like would you like to see this game mode or not?

Yeah basically you’d start by saying: so, are you for or against this mode? Then below give the choices for example.
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and how do i add it into a poll category

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