A game mode idea and anyone who has more ideas


Evolve has been a game that has blown me away, and allowed me to think of a pretty cool game mode to make the experience more enjoyable.
Ok so this game mode is actually fairly simple and doesn’t change the core gameplay mechanics as far as I know. The mode is basically going to be hunt, but extended (in a way that I’ll explain in a second). The name that I thought of it is Natural Selection.
So here’s the game mode. The game starts as any normal hunt mode and continues like that until the monster hits stage 3. When the monster hits stage 3 the hunters get a call from whoever is on the ship and they say something along these lines “Noticed the monster has the upper hand I’ll drop something off to even the odds” The ship proceeds to drop off 2 care packages at either end of the map that can be harvested by either the monster or the hunters or even destroyed.
If the monster eats the contents of the care package (which would preferably be some sort of energy crystal-esque substence). They undergo an immediate evolution to stage 4 giving them 3 points in all their abilities, bringing them to full health, increasing melee damage, and increasing something that evolving wouldn’t normally increase aka stamina or movement speed. Don’t increase the monster’s size though.
However if the hunters got it, it would do something like this. Remove strikes, increase class ability effectiveness or duration, increase damage, and increase health. Keep in mind that there should be two packages opposite from each other and if the monster or hunters is quick enough can harvest one and destroy the other (or destroy both).
If this was put into the game I would like it to serve as a way to make both sides even at the end no matter what happens without replacing the normal hunt mode.
Thank you for listening to my idea and any questions about it or other game mode ideas please say! I would love to see this in the game so show support!


This is an interesting concept, but there’s one problem: a full health monster with maxed abilities, more melee damage, and faster movement could fight 6 hunters easy. You’ld need to give the hunters something much more powerful than a buff, like a fleet of drones or infinite jetpacks.

Also, if one side could get the package and stop the other side from getting the other one, it would instantaneously give that side an unbeatable advantage; imagine if the monster could just undo all health damage instantly or the hunters could remove all strikes and actually gain health - relay fights would become jokes. Balancing a mechanic where the monster’s stage 3 advantage can be either removed or exacerbated would be a Herculean task.


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Yeah I realize there would definitely be a need for balancing. The jetpacks idea is one that I thought of but forgot to put in the post (not infinite though). I would definitely love to see this gamemode no matter what even if it’s not exactly as I stated. I would like it fairly similar though :).