A future for Class maintaining Adaptations?


As some of you probably already know, I HATE the idea of Adaptations swapping roles. I heard there was a Trapper adaptation on the Trello Board but I highly doubt it is Jack or Crow and all other Trappers have variations. So it doesn’t look like TRS have any plans to stop swapping classes for adaptations any time soon. But I’m wondering if any of the future adaptations will remain true to their class? TRS have annoyed me a lot in these recent months since since the “Last-second-sorry-consoles-you-miss-out-on-the-party” thing (Still love you though :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart:) but I will be fuming if any of my favourite characters leave the Trapper class for their variation.

I realise I can’t kick up a fuss over this forever, so I ask a simple question. Will any future adaptations remain in their original counterpart’s class?

Val Support Adaptation (idea)

Well, the general current speculation is that Bucket will become a Trapper. Again, that’s speculation (and not even my speculation, as I think he’s gonna stay a Support), but it’s still a definite possibility.

Out of curiosity, who would you most not want to see class swap?


I’d say that of the next 4 adaptations, 3 will be characters staying in their original role, but that is just my speculation


Jack and Crow.


I sincerely hope so.


Overall I’m torn on the issue. I really like Renegabe (coming from an assault main admittedly), as his kit is unlike anything the assault class has seen before. I’m also hoping for an assault Bucket.
The fact that they could use a kit from a different class opens up loads of opportunities for interesting characters, possibly more interesting than a traditional variant could ever be.

If the devs can pull off PaPa Parnell and actually make him into a fun and unique medic, then I’ll be able to trust in TRS to make good class swappin’ adaptions.


I actually want to see each character have adaptation for all four classes, at the end, it is adaptation


I don’t think Crow will change. I hope Jack does as he is my favourite character and I would really like to see what TRS do with his kit if he were to change. I don’t really think his kit can be modified to become another Trapper.


I will cry.