A fun Little Minigame (Hide and Seek)


So I just thought up a little minigame you could do in customs. As the title suggests, it’s hide and seek. The rules are as follows:
-1 The Monster must be Goliath or Gorgon.
-2 At the beginning of the round the Monster must stay at spawn with either their eyes closed, looking at the ground, or their TV/monitor off.
-3 The Hunters have a total of two minutes to go off and hide.
-4 The Monster can not smell whatsoever.
-5 If a Hunter is found, the Monster must only sneak pounce the Hunter to death. The Hunter may run but only run. No Jetpack.
-6 If the Monster finds and kills all the Hunters, they win. If the Hunters survive till the match ends they win.
-7 Have fun with it.


I like it BUT what’s the duration? and rule #2 why not just implement a black screen like prop hunt?


The duration isn’t specified for a reason. And black screen?


Fair enough and also yea so that monster play is surely not cheating.


Well, I can’t implement a black screen into the game. Nothing I can do there.


It was just a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to see a hide and seek game mode


I think it would be a lot of fun! The only way you can do it now in through customs.


at least you know hunters couldn’t be in high up places. just check spawn level and below.


They can use the Jetpack when hiding, just not when getting hunted.