A full team of four can't be beat


I’ve been noticing over the last couple days that i have been playing against a lot of organized teams. And out of the last few days, i have won only ONE game as monster against organized teams like this, (which 99% of the time consists of rouge val, sunny/hank, hyde, and griffin). Aside from that, its almost impossible for even very good monster too win. This seems unbalanced too me. I think there should me and option too search for all players, or people only playing by themselves. Yes there’re going to be people who want the challenge but for me it isn’t fun at all too get smashed every game by people i have no chance to beat. This is an OPINION!!! Don’t get salty please.


Play skirmish. Less try hards.


Yep. It’s a competitive game. I feel your frustrations man. I once lost 14 games in a row before I finally burst through the Hyde, Grif, sunny, Val meta. Take heart though! It’s totally doable! Just very difficult. I’m on a nice 20 game win streak as Goliath and wraith.

Watch videos of other monsters and see what they are doing that you aren’t!! I’m telling you it helps TONS!


Yup annoying only way to win is hope you can fudge one up in one assault


If you drop a rank or two because of all the losses, you’ll find less premades.

Or play unranked.

It's known, that in high level play the hunters win more often than they should, but it's difficult to just nerf this or buff that. Apart from high level play the monsters have the upper hand. TRS is already and always trying to address some specific balance issues and they are actually doing a good job. Changes like giving the monster armor after an evolve or increasing dome cooldown time are supposed to affect high level play more than anything else and it's a step in the right direction.

So, heads up, this game gets more balanced after almost every update :smile:


Yes, the game is very hunter favored right now, but come on. Because you’ve been playing against premades, that automatically means it’s super hard to win? Maybe your just not as good as you think you are.


I have no problems in gold.


Do you play a lot of customs? Because I don’t have problems with gold tier too much either, people just need consistent practice with high level teams.


Solution is actually to play against pre-mades more and getting better at dealing with such coordinated teams. You might be a good monster, but if you mostly played pub games versus random people you just can’t be good enough to play against organaized pre-made. You’re just good by pub standard.


He probably plays on PC instead of console, which is extra frustrating for monster


I’ve played on PC, also am a gold monster.


I’m always hoping you’ll, you’ll start talking like Torvald. Let me, burp lemme fix that for you, Torvald.


Added some important details.


Not just placement matches, but go ahead and say that :persevere:


How many past placement?


I don’t know your rank but I’m afraid as you find better teams you will reach a point where you will not be bursting through sunny val griff anymore. At high level you need huge mistakes from the hunters and probably a good dose of luck to beat them.


Ahh you’re the guy who used you friends/cousins (something like that) account and did the 10 placement matches which put you into gold and therefore you think you’re gold on PC. Right?

Edit: Yes it’s you. Well, if you want to deceive yourself then go ahead I guess


In the games lure the hunter teams are specially designed\built to kill monsters. Like torvald sunny slim and crow are put together by bucket because all there abilitiesis are really good against behemoths.

Now none of the monster are specifically designed to kill hunters. So at the ened of the day a team of four hunters are always going to have upper hand against monsters. And if they have some slight coordination, the monster is going to have trouble.


Let me be clear. Never did I say or imply that I’m unbeatable. I get the feeling you’re coming at my comment under that assumption. Don’t. I’m silver expert as of now but am very close to bursting into master and I’m certain I deserve destroyer rank.

Hyde, sunny, Val, grif is a brutal match up. Went against it in my last placement match. I played fucking awesome though. The salt was REAL from one of the guys. Called me a bitch ass pussy stuff like that. Point is that time I came out of it. Landed all my abilities, choose my fights well, separated well, fucked up assault and trapper when she boosted them forward. Took perfect play to win. Fucking stupid if you ask me but whatever. I’ve Beat gold level hunters on PS4 and several masters and destroyers. I’m definitely good. Maybe even great.

Now, on PC the highest skill I’ve played against is silver destroyer (the team I mentioned above). I’m just starting my PC career. Finished my placement matches yesterday. I’m fully aware that the general consensus is PC players are tougher. I’ve certainly noticed it.


7 of which were gold teams.

Then past that I’ve played like 10 others.
All gold.

I did not have lots of time, so that was all I got to play, but it honestly did not feel different.

I was ranked gold expert.
What I should be on ps4, but the game disconnected me 5 times.