A fresh noob here :)


That’s been a solution at one of my b-day parties. helluva Halo: Reach remix. put my brother and my best friend on my team at the time and swapped out our 4th member for the guaranteed worst player (he hated FPS and spent every match attempting to use a cloak in a corner)

It was fantastic. without SW I still managed to kill all 4 of them solo xD and it took so long one of them respawned and killed me afterward so I was sitting there like “yeah i’m so awesome” and then blam, shotgun to my face xD


I too have forgotten that option a ridiculous amount of times considering how poor my internet is xD


That was crazy


Really bro? :joy:


Welcome to our lair…


runs off and hides in a dark corner.


Thank you bro, I see :smile:


Hey. Welcome ^.^


Thank you ; )


Easy. Leave any politics and religion you may have at the door on the way in.


:smile: Alright bro, I got it


Get the optic fiber then. I have it and it’s very good (except that I have intempestive connections sometimes…)


I have only used Wireless Wi-Fi.
Because my laptop does not have socket for cables!
It is really annoying


If I had ANY other options available that weren’t data capped, I would be using some other service provider. My only options are what I’ve got, and data capped. Every other ISP is not in my area whatsoever.


Suggest you to move to a place called Orange County bro
Mr. Robb and Ashton might provide you free 5G internet service :smile:


If I had the money or a stable job that allowed me to move, I guarantee I wouldn’t still be living here. I appreciate the suggestion though ^^


One day you will, bro.
Life is always amazing and changing in the way we can not predict.


Welcome welcome! Please enjoy your stay here at Hotel TRS. Feel free to relax by the Dam, play some Jockey leap frog, and browse our scary VR experience. Do not feed the Goliath. :grin:


Hello and welcome!



Nope, that wasn’t me.


Thank you bro, I like VR but haven’t ever tried it