A fresh noob here :)



Hey guys I am Death Valley, a small Left 4 Dead 2 noob, and Turtle Rock Studios fun.
I am still very new to the community so I hope I can soon fit in your conversations and make friends with you guys.
Even though I just bought Left 4 Dead 2 a week ago, but I already fell in love with it.
Although I am getting to know that it is already becoming old and faded in the industry, but been such a classical and nice video game, I believed that its worth will show itself no matter what time.
And also thanks for the TRS that brought me this excellent game, gave me rest and joy after the school work.

And at last…

Let’ go Turtle Rock!
You have one more follower here from today!

The picture’s link:


Not a grammar person XD
may be there are some places awkward to read, sorry about that.


Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Thank you bro, nice to meet you


Likewise :slight_smile:


Are you also a l4d2 player?


I am ^^ but mostly single player. my internet isn’t the best </3


That sounds so miserable. I feel really sorry for you


Yes, I prefer L4D 1 a bit more mostly because I feel that the MP is a bit tighter.


It is miserable, but I still get to enjoy games with friends from time to time depending on how well my internet is performing that day or how easy it is to play the game itself.

GTA Online / Fractured Space tend to work well at all times.

Everything else tends to be temperamental at best :disappointed_relieved:


I got it. I have watched a video on Youtube discussing and comparing the benefits and shortcoming of both l4d1 and l4d2. Seems that many players even loved l4d1 more. That really confuse me at first.


There really ought to be an option called “using bluetooth to connect your teammates”


When I get super desperate I tend to lug my entire desktop over to my friends’ houses to play games with them. Nothing beats good ol LAN :smile:


Lan parties are the best parties :slight_smile:


I have been the similar circumstances before.
But not as serious as yours is XD
Really understand what the suck internet make you feel


XD internet is really everything in this world


Lan is the poor mans interwebs :slight_smile: And also comes with the ability to smack your teammates in person. Lan > Interwebz :smiley:


I’m completely unable to prevent myself from screen-watching in a LAN environment so I tend to focus on more co-op games via LAN unless I can setup a method where I can’t see the opposing screens :grin: Which i’m also on board with when people really want to compete xD


Just get a large table that puts the monitors back to back. :slight_smile:


I always just sit in front of the screen waiting for the internet to come back if it really happened
If it does not work for a time I would remember “hey there is a option called Single Player in this game!”