A free to play model is a game changer TRS


@Developers or anyone that cares.

First of all, I know this topic is over done. This is my feedback to help you guys understand my experiences.

As a returning player who bought the PCMASTER edition with over 130+ hours into the game, I think my opinion is pretty solid. I reinstalled the game last night on 6/20 ready to get into some matches only to realize that after an hour of searching I got to play one game where someone was like “FACK YOU NEWBS, YOU ALL SUCK.” After that I never found another game.

At first, this game was worth the “I don’t even remember how much I paid for it” and I simply don’t care. It was over a year+ ago and I don’t even think about my investment because of the fun I had.

What I do care about?

All games are dependent on a healthy player base. Without that some could say TRS or 2K stole our monies by letting the game stay in its current state but some could say that they let the game stay in its current state by not considering one of the most successful options out there. That option is to introduce a free to play model which would draw in the player base we need.

People will argue that the free to play population is “toxic” but look at it now its already toxic, even in its current state its still toxic. They will say, they invested hundreds of dollars into the game and they feel entitled to playing the game by themselves. They will say, let the game die. They will say a hundred other things just because they are humans.

Sometimes in life, we all start on a path we thought was the best. Sometimes we are successful and other times we fail but people learn from that and continue to improve.

I personally think this game would work well under a free to play model. With the upcoming changes, which made me reinstall the game to see how it was doing. By making the game newbie friendly, which made no sense to me because the playerbase consist of mostly vets who play by themselves. It hit me, If the game was much friendlier to new players this would be the time to introduce the F2P model. Why would TRS introduce newbie friendly mechanics at this stage in the game??

Monsters and hunters should all be unlockable through the gamegrind by playing on a free to play model. Cosmetic should be sold in the store and allow those willing to spend purchase hunters and monsters to skip the grind.

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This topic has been done to death, and while we wait for a Title Update which will have its plans locked in place well before now, revisiting this subject now before we know what the immediate future holds for the game seems a little too soon!