A Free Set


Please TRS dont constantly make DLC that you have to pay for PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE I dont want to constantly have to pay for new monster and Hunters I do like behemoth and the new hunters but please dont make me pay 50 bucks just for a new set :cry:


Ummm, maps were free, where the heck did that “Constantly” came from?


do you honestly beleive TRS is going to give us Hunters and Monster for Free and i dont mean a free monster/hunters everytime but maybe every second monster/hunters


Uh…Why on earth would Monsters and Hunters be free? No. First off it’s a company, not a charity. It should charge for new Hunters and Monsters. I may dislike the pricing, but free? Absolutely not.

Secondly, 2K sets those rules. And the higher ups in 2K brush their teeth with molten gold so not likely.


That isn’t very likely… It costs money to make hunters/monsters, and allot of time is spent in creating/testing them. If they began giving them away for free, they would be shooting themselves in the foot. It’s not exactly a good idea, as they’re already giving away free maps/skins…


Call of Duty
Far Cry
Assassin’s Creed
etc etc

All of these games charged for DLC. Maps, SKINS (Looking at you CoD with your dozens of skins filling up the PS store), extra content such as missions etc.

2K have said that they don’t want to split the community with their content releases. So things such as maps and game modes will be free. (Other games charge for map packs too. BF4 charged for new game modes.) The only things that will be purchasable are skins (Purely cosmetic), which are also available through challenges though, and new hunters/monsters, which you have no obligation to buy. Only buy them if you play that class or want to try the character.

EDIT: TRS said it.^


That was TRS. :stuck_out_tongue: 2K wanted to charge for those but TRS insisted not to, MacMan said a while ago. Sorry to nitpick. :stuck_out_tongue:


DAMN! I knew it was one or the other. I took a stab in the dark, and stabbed my own leg DX


Better than stabbing something else.

Just sayin’.


stab daisy :wink:


She’s impossible to miss, too, so fat. :stuck_out_tongue:



Not cool! And Daisy isn’t fat! She’s petite for her species u.u


Petite? Yes, as far as planets go, she is rather small.