A Follow-up Message To Our Community

A Follow-up Message To Our Community

Hey Everyone,

The Evolve Stage 2 free Beta on Steam has only been running for two months but it has already been quite the journey! When the servers went live on July 7 we really didn’t know what was going to happen. We just knew Evolve had more to give, and Stage 2 represented our best efforts. Looking back on that date now, the overwhelming response and support from you, our players, completely blew away our expectations.

Launching Evolve as a free-to-play game wasn’t as easy as flipping a switch. It’s been a completely new challenge for us as developers. We took a frank look at the problems in Evolve and worked to fix them. That required a comprehensive update to the game, which we did, and relaunched as Evolve Stage 2. Supporting this new incarnation of Evolve means weekly updates and communicating more often and more directly with our players. This is what allows us to adapt to your feedback each and every week.

So far, that process has been a success. It wasn’t just the Turtle Rock team that got us to this point – you led the charge in numerous ways. More than 2,000,000 new players have installed Evolve Stage 2 primarily from your word-of-mouth. Evolve is and always will be a team-based game, and it turns out our community is one of the best teammates we could ask for.

Looking back on July and August we can proudly say things went well. Now, in September and October, we have a new challenge. We need to prove that Evolve Stage 2 can become a profitable and self-sustaining free-to-play game.

What does this mean? Now you can buy stuff!

Much like other successful free-to-play games, we are introducing a paid currency. We’re calling this currency “Gold Keys.”

Gold Keys go live on September 27 in the United States and give players the option to quickly unlock what they want without requiring Silver Keys. Like everything else related to Stage 2, Gold Keys are a first for us and we need to make sure we’re not “drinking from a firehose” and can be as responsive with any issues related to Gold Keys as we have been on the rest of Stage 2. So for now we’ll only be offering Gold Keys to players in the United States. Once everyone at 2K and Turtle Rock feel we’ve got everything handled, we’ll roll out Gold Keys to other countries. We are creating an accessible experience that anyone can enjoy. Choosing to unlock items with Gold Keys or choosing to earn them with Silver Keys are both valid choices. Neither choice hinders any player’s experience or enjoyment.

We want to stress there’s no pay-to-win bullshit in Evolve! In short, if you don’t have the time (or patience) to earn Silver Keys, but you want to get more cool stuff right now, then Gold Keys are for you.

We love this game and we love this community. Some games do free-to-play better than others, we all know this as gamers. In our experience, the ones that do it best are the ones that don’t block off content behind a paywall, and give real value for money. That’s what we’re trying to do. We want Gold Keys to be a good value and there’s no way to pay-to-win.

We want to keep making content for Evolve, we want to bring Stage 2 to consoles, but that requires proving the game is self-sustaining. The Gold Keys program is how we do that. If you like the game, if you want to see more content, if you want to see the game on consoles, tell your friends about Stage 2. This game is going to live or die based on the content and community and we think both are aces.

The more successful Gold Keys are, the more we can do with Evolve.

Thanks to everyone who gave Evolve a chance. You make this community great. If you haven’t played the game in a while, we encourage you to check it out. A lot has changed. And if you’ve never played, it’s free! What are you waiting for?

See you on Shear!
Chris & Phil
-Turtle Rock Studios Co-Founders


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Check out our FAQ to see if we’ve already answered your question:


Huzzah I can finally support the game directly!






“So for now we’ll only be offering Gold Keys to players in the United States.”

I’m genuinely frustrated with you now. I am in Canada.




Sad Affleck turns into Happy Affleck

I’ll be spending keys like


I feel you just as much…

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Yeah I’me pretty peeved atm, I am trying to be polite about it but it’s hard. This has me really annoyed at them right now.
It just killed my mood to play the game tonight like I planned, I’ll see if I’ve gotten over it tomorrow.

You say there’s no pay to win bullshit…but in hindsight, there technically is when you start counting low/mid range level players going up against those that just threw money at the screen to get level 3 of everything that they need, vs those that have level 1 of the free unlocked perks, gg to those, may the stomping commence.

We don’t know that it is even possible to do that yet.

If you can’t buy perks technically it’s fine.

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Correct, no purchasing perks with Gold Keys.




I’m just happy that the dev team is finally going to see some direct support for their efforts! Stage two has been an incredible journey, and I have no doubt it will be even more incredible with this kind of support. I look forward to when this is available for everybody! In the meantime, I’ll be showing my support too to help make sure that happens!


Im hoping that evolve will be successful and I will support the game and I am Hype that if evolve become success, that I can finally play the game that I was hoping since 2010 for console, even know that I got the game when it came out and I love it with all my heart, I just cant wait for the game to come out for Xbox. Thank You TRS for making a great game.


Perks are Silver Keys only for this reason


Well, rip my ranting then.