A fix to Perk picking (Images Included)



I find it hard to select perks, so I have come up with a visual solution that I hope sorts out problems when selecting perks. TRS might have already created a solution to this, but it doesn’t hurt to give my idea.

#Curent Screen:


Major Changes:

  • Locked Perks have a locked icon on them so they stand out.

  • Perk Descriptions go under the perk, so you can see all the perks descriptions at once.

  • You can set favorite perks per-hunter/monster so you can easily remember what perks you like to use for each hunter/monster. The Favorites will be listed at the top for easy access.

  • Under the ‘Perk Slots’ it shows the description of the perk so you can compare different level of perks. (Plus my dyslexia can mix up a few words, so this makes it easier for me to compare)

  • One thing I did not add was perk stacking. If perks can stack, then the text under the ‘Perk Slot’ should turn a different color to show that the perk does stack. (Possibly blue?)

#Example of Stacking:

Once you’ve selected all 3 perks, there should be a screen to let you go back and edit a slot individually. This way you can see if the perk from slot 3 will stack with the first 2.

Can We Talk About UI?

I think some of this is already on their radar, but I agree a lot with the lock icon!


Likewise. I find it stupidly hard to tell whether I’ve unlocked something or not in the perk screen.


I’ve also suggested a way to click on your previous perk to easily go to that screen and be able to change just 1 you’ve selected instead of having to re-do all three.