A few things to get cleared up


Hey everyone!

So I have to say good work on the re-release of evolve, many of the new features + customization along with daily rewards and challenges are great!

theres just a few things I’m wondering…

  1. I sort of notice it, many people have said it, but did you guys downgrade the graphics from legacy evolve? (I’m not talking effects like from abilities, I’m talking overall)

  2. My one gripe with the new release is that it feels like half the original game was released. all modes gone, and 10+ maps removed (I saw there will be a map rotation but it still seems… empty.

  3. custom games are very much restricted, why were all the effects removed? (now there is just none or clear skies)

  4. please fix the bug where we pick one thing but it gives us another. (example: I picked elder kraken but spawned as meteor goliath) also (I’m mostly just dumb on this one LOL) but there is 3 perks you pick, why are so many of them the same (with each tier) do they stack or how does that work>

hopefully someone can clear some of this up :smiley:



They spent a lot of time reworking the 4 maps and the decision in the end seems to have been to say that the experience is best on these maps and sub-par on the others with the new changes. Assuming all is well received they’ll be looking at reworking the rest of the maps too!


I didn’t play so I may be wrong, but there is this from what I read :
Each perk have 3 levels.
Before the game, you have to select a minor, a medium and a high perk. Each stack together.
The levels show how the perk will influate on your gameplay.
I may not speak clearly :sweat:


To my knowledge and experience everything was upgraded. Abilities got a major overhaul for sure. Environments were also retouched.


I did notice on the loading screens once that it said map rotations. so maybe they are treating maps like they are treating hunters? just personally I do hope they get to a point where all can be in rotation, variety is key_


We want to bring more maps in - @Pugzilla and @ThomasJ have been working hard!


Could the old, un-remastered maps be added back into custom games? (maybe with a little tag saying they’ll be improved SoonTM)


and just as a side note you guys are very aware the bug with selecting monsters/hunters yeah?
it wont let me play as my mysterious pink bucket >.<

I’m glad to hear though about more maps making their way in. loving the bigger feel to the 4 currently


The fix for this is in QA!


Yay! Good to hear


Whoops, wrong place sorry about that.