A few things id like to see added


Probably been suggested before but im just gonna list a few things that could and probably should be added to the game.

  1. A join in progress option.
    Now unlike most others I want to join games in progress, on xbox I have a hard time finding game lobbies. When I do its with only 1 other person and they usually end up leaving. playing evac is next to impossible for me so id like to be able to join a game in progress just like I did with left4dead.

  2. A “Not Monster” preference.
    I myself am okay with playing monster but sometimes I would just like to play some hunters, and when I do want to play hunter id like to play different classes without having to change the preferences around real quick. The problem with just selecting no preference is that ill probably just end up as the monster when I really just want “no preference” in which hunter I play.

  3. A trade me option.
    I think there should be a option in the character select screen to go back to the class select screen and request for someone to trade classes with you. A little yes or no box can pop up on the requestee’s screen and if they select yes their classes will switch. This is a little more straight forward than begging or trying to haggle with someone to get them to trade classes with you now.

  4. No voting in evac
    Right now the monster pretty much has no say whatsoever in what maps/gamemodes get played, I think the middle 3 games should be random. Rarely do I ever play rescue a never does my monster vote matter. Sure sometimes you want to make the most use out of your bonus that you got from the last match, but that also mean you can screw over the monster and pick a mode were his bonus is next to worthless.

Cant really think of anything else at the time but those are a few things the Host would like to see implemented or at least considered.


I think this would hurt the availability of monster players in the game and make it harder to find games to play. Someone has to be the monster. I don’t think the system is so flawed, it’s just that people should learn to play all roles.
I play monster and I usually get the first game as a hunter, then I get to play as monster. That’s how it works.


I suppose youre right about that. if the game had more people it probably would’ve been a more feasible option.


You mean an option to join only progressed games? The majority of games joined are already in progress, so I don’t think it wold be necessary. But i guess it could be nice.

Just typing/saying “do you want to swap Assault for Medic” or something and going into the Class Selection screen usually works. But a trade option would be nice…and prevent role theft.

No map or mode ever nullifies the Monster’s bonus to such an extent. And voting is meant for fun- it disregards teams and just sees how many players want Nest over Rescue, etc, etc.


A join in progress option like left4dead, join in the middle of a game were the hunt is already underway.

A trade me option would work better since it would be right in front of the persons face, they might not notice you asking/typing if they aren’t paying attention. And if they don’t care at least you would know that by having them decline the offer.

I think ive played rescue maybe once because hunters never pick it. It may not take teams into account, but the people on the teams vote for themselves, monster vote doesn’t matter period and that doesn’t feel fair to me as a hunter player. And it may not completely nullify monster bonuses, but hunters can make them less effective whereas hunters always get to make the most use of whatever bonus they got.