A few questions regarding Co-op



So today i won a match on co op because the timer ran out. I have a few questions regarding Co op as a whole, mostly about the monster AI.

  • Goliath doesn’t seem to stage up to stage 3, like, ever. is this intentional?
  • Wouldn’t it be more logical, atleast in co-op only, to make the hunters lose if the timer runs out?
  • I have had matches against an AI wraith, was it intentional to put wraith in the co op? if so, she doesn’t even evolve to stage 2, and the portrait generally reads that it’s goliath.
  • Goliath keeps switching targets, wouldn’t it be better if it prioritized medics and supports first?

  1. dont think its intentional.

I agree, it is better for Goliath to be more mindful of medic / support. AI monster before coop was smarter in that sense. it showed the time = cost , assault has to deal damage or its being a credit to the squad. Maybe its for newbies, but it’s still too docile for them to enter the real world of Hunt.

difficulty AI option is required.

I’ve played against wraith too, it’s nice for a variant, yes I see the goliath avatar too.