A few issues that have cropped up so far


I’ve been playing since Alpha, and with the official release a few issues have cropped up that I wanted to point out for the community to discuss and the devs to see. I love the game, just pointing stuff out to hopefully get it fixed quicker.

  • Solo Bot issues: When playing as a monster the bots will just kinda… give up, either camping the power relay after you hit tier 2 or not going after eggs in nest (you can just sit and wait till time ends, they never show). Also, when playing as Bucket, they’ll drop what they’re doing to just sit around your body anytime you throw your head, even if they were just chasing the monster a second ago.

  • Weird movement issues: Twice now, as a tier 3 monster I’ve found myself in a weird state where I can’t walk certain directions, can’t jump, can’t climb, and am pretty much stuck within a small area (and no, I’m not talking about harpoon traps, crouching, etc).

  • I feel bucket’s tag time is a little too short, making it not worth the time it takes to track the monster and hold them in sight; might as well just ping them.

  • Bodies still teleport. Either a few yards away screwing with eating, or way into the sky for some reason.

  • Can we please have a Profile tab that lets us examine our unlocks and progress?

  • Survivor bots on Rescue don’t sufficiently prioritize escaping. With half the team leading the back and half the team holding off the monster, they’ll frequently wander away from the pickup zone to join the fight even if the ones leading them are closer.

  • Clicking or minimizing the screen either A. Makes the pointer distractingly overlay the screen during gameplay, or B: Removes the pointer entirely from the screen making selecting things outside of gameplay a chore.

  • Can we get a hint for newbies playing with Lazarus explaining why it’s a good idea to not pick people up while he’s standing?

  • Can we either speed up the rate of wall climb by jetpack even further, or lower the amount of fuel used while doing so? The current difference between using all your fuel to climb a wall and climbing with no fuel still feels negligible.

  • Speaking of, there are still many wall surfaces where jetpack climb fails halfway up, usually climbing up walls designed as ‘manmade’ structures instead of stone. (I think due to the less regular surface)

If anyone has noticed other instances of these or has any other issues that the feel like adding to the list go right ahead. If anyone feels like posting unhelpful ‘insights’ like “Then don’t play Bucket with bots lol”, please save your wit for other threads.

Thanks everyone!


Most of these aren’t problems their your opinion on things that are perfectly fine with the game if you know what your doing


I’ll admit I made 2 gameplay tweak suggestions (bucket’s tag time, jetpack wallclimb speed). I don’t think that qualifies as ‘most’ or invalidates the bugs


Probably the only one I agree with on there is that the bots when someone leaves they just stop


The jet pack thing isn’t a glitch its just that you must not know how to use the jet pack


Yeah, there were two ways to interpret that either ‘this guy doesn’t know how the game works’ or ‘he does know how the game works and certain walls have spots where climb fails’. I’m not at all shocked to find you picked the former.