A few ideas for making masteries more player friendly


The reason for this thread is mostly Emet’s case. I have elited him recently and it was an awful experience, worse even than Sunny. If it were not for a particular thread I found on these forums, which helped me immensly with level 3 masteries, than I would probably never reach the elite status on this character. I obviously know I could’ve given up on him but that’s not the point. I like elite skins and the bonuses make a huge difference in some cases (like Jack’s repulsor). That’s why I would like to make a few suggestions in order to make masteries something that does not turn into a tedious grind performed in some very specific conditions.

  1. perform the X action a given number of times in a single match - No, just no. This one seems to me like a really cheap way of making something harder to achieve in a very artificial way. When I did Sunny’s masteries I often managed to double or triple the requirement but it still only added 1 point to my progress. So if there really has to be a single match requirement then at least allow for it to count multiple times if a player fulfilled this requirement multiple times.

  2. actions that contradict your characters main role - I have already encountered Emet players who don’t heal teammates in order to use the beacon. That’s because the beacon masteries actually contradict the main task of a medic. It’s similar with Markov’s mines (deal damage with 2 mines without taking damage yourself). Again, instead of fighting the monster in the first line the assault stands back in order to make progress. Personally, I do my grinding in solo and I really appreciate the fact that I can make progress playing alone so as not to spoil the game for others but not all people tend to think about other players’ experience.

  3. numbers - sure, you can have players perform a given action 1000 times but then what’s the point? Emet’s beacon masteries (level 2 and 3) wouldn’t be so bad if you had to perform each like 5 or 10 times. But 60? If I can do it 5 times then I know how to do it a hundred times but it really doesn’t help anything. Same with Gorgon’s level 3 masteries. 300 acid damage to multiple hunters isn’t hard, just tedious. The Spider though is a real niusance. That’s 400 traps - at least these do stack when performed say 30 times in a single match. The problem with very high numbers wouldn’t be half as bad if you were able to make at least 15-20% progress on a given mastery in a good game but very often this is not the case. With Gorgon’s Spider trap that would be 60-80 traps in a game!

  4. numbers again - this time it’s not the number of repetitions but the requirement itself. Tech Sgt. Hank’s level 3 orbital mastery is something that I was only able to perform in very specific conditions (Arena, Sudden Death, Behemoth and great help from Evolve forums). Not much in a way of fun really. Hands up who did this mastery solely in honest multiplayer hunt mode. One more thing. The longer players have to grind in solo, the longer they do not participate in online play, while the waiting times get longer for everyone.

  5. specific conditions - as mentioned just above, it seems that quite a lot of people who go for masteries are only able to achieve these in some very specific conditions. I would much rather like for these to be designed in such a way that they would just drop in while you play.

  6. headshots with single shot weapons on consoles - Getting the required amount of headshot damage to monster with Rouge Val’s sniper rifle is hardly comparable to doing the same feat with just about any automatic weapon. So a lower damage requirement would be a nice touch.

  7. wrong masteries descriptions - at this moment I can only recall Blitz Markov when I had to figure out that reaching max damage only works against a monster but it’s just something that shouldn’t happen at all.


The only thing that I don’t like about masteries is when they force you to do things you wouldn’t already do with that character. A good example is landing consecutive shrapnel grenades with Torvald. Doing this only lowers your damage and forces you to grind it in Solo mode. I’d love changes to be made to allow mastery completions to be more easily finished in actual competitive gameplay.


Sad to say this But I don’t play Evolve much to “Grind” I play evolve to play the game. Not to Grind. So I only have 1 to 2 characters on mastery Goliath an Laz. The rest are like 2 stars ready close to be finnished. But that’s not from grinding. Right now I have emets stages 1’s completed except for his beacon. Why? Because im a healer. I heal with the buoys So far I’ve not once had to use the Beacon an if i did. Its in arena an monster or wildlife killed it before anyone spawned in. I agree with the OP on this front though.


Agreed. This is why the only Elites I have are Bob and Crow, which I got inadvertently while playing the game rather than grinding solo mode :smiley_cat: