A few Bugs I've found (Xbox One)


I own an Xbox One and I’ve encountered a couple of game changing bugs. One that happens repeatedly is that Griffin’s Harpoon becomes unusable unless I get incapacitated or die. I found that this bug mostly occurs when I harpoon a Goliath and he leap smashes me.
Another bug I’ve run across is where Goliath was completely invisible for all of Stage 2. I had joined a game in session and was trying to find him. We could see the foot prints and we could hear him but the Goliath was invisible. We managed to trap it in the dome but the only way we knew where he was was to use Abe’s stasis grenades. Tranquilizing didn’t leave an outline and for some strange reason, the tracking darts didn’t work either.

Other than that, Great game. I’m really enjoying eating some people and helping the poor souls that missed out on the Beta. :smile: