A few bot AI issues


Caira will not use speedboost after 2.0. Pre 2.0 speedboost would happen the instant her feet touched the ground when being dropped. I’ve been trying to get some video of various character dialog so I’ve been running a LOT of bot games recently and Caira AI never once has used the speed boost since 2.0.

Also, Sunny will target people with the jetpack boost for a split second then switch it off. By time you see that you have it, it’s already gone.

Kraken AI is weirdly broken after the balance patch (but before 2.0). He will randomly stop flying and drop to the ground where he stands still for several seconds. This happens in and out of combat. It just appears like he can’t maintain flight as AI. I have some video of it somewhere that I’ll put up on Youtube.

Here’s a few short clips of the Kraken AI that I cobbled together. At one point he randomly teleports closer to me as well.