A few bad apples can really ruin the bunch. Why being Monster in a party should not be allowed


Some things just shouldn’t be changed. I know that now. I used to think that a vote to kick option was necessary. I made a topic about it and I supported other members topics. Now I know that the kind of people that play this game really would kick someone for 1 mistake and even just because they think it is funny.

The option I was (and still am) against is the ability to search in a party to play monster. I know it has been discussed a bit and I think that I read they were considering changing the rule. I played a match last night with a member of the forums. We had a horrible medic. She (Val) just could not keep us healed. She just kept sniping and sniping and sniping. I died because of it. During the 2 minute timer I decided to send a message to the medic. Normally I would be rude (because I am a bad guy myself) but this person joined in progress. They could have been Level 1 for all I knew. So I was just going to send some tips on how to play Val. That is when I saw that our medic and the Monster were in a party chat together. They were boosting. The medic ended up just standing at the power relay while we got crushed.

This is exactly what would happen all the time if this rule were changed. The worst part is that I think it would end up happening every third game. Someone would make a post on the forums about it and my nightmare is that a certain forum member would say “There is no rule that says you can’t play like that.”

The scenario with that medic is the scenario that I would want a kick option but it would be abused for so many other unimportant petty things. So please, TRS, do not allow us to play with a friend as Monster outside of customs and sessions. If people really want to play with their friends then they can. If they are more worried about leader boards than let them go play against strangers.



In all seriousness, I’m thankful it’s not allowed. It does bug out sometimes, but if it was allowed it would be terrible.

As much as I want to demolish Shin and his gang of pubs, I’d prefer not to have a crappy game.



That gif is like a thorn in the paw.



Refer to above gif for my response. ^.^ Also, I’m Midnight Roses, Chris. Thorns are my specialty.



this normally should only happen if two party’s are in the same lobby, or a lobby were the monsters friend joins, but again that should be fixed next game, if it happens more then one lobby in a row, no clue

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There is no need to be upset.



but i wanna play against my friend…



“Because of abuse”

Abuses will occur no matter what, and the potential usefulness of a kick option far outweighs the bad.






You can play a custom game and play against him.



I disagree. If someone wants to troll, they can do that without teaming with the monster. Boosting can be done in private matches. Logically, it’s incredibly unlikely that this would be a permanent issue. Maybe one game out of 50 or so. I love playing monster in pubs and ask my 1-2 friends to join in. They play properly, I play properly and we don’t have to team with bots all the time.



[quote=“warpathchris, post:1, topic:54097”]
I played a match last night with a member of the forums.



Wow, that is lame. If they wanted to boost, why didn’t they just do a custom match instead of screwing a bunch of strangers over? Jerks.



we need a ranked mode before we allow party monsters in normal mode



Bullshit. Just saying something doesn’t make it so. Add a votekick option, give the players the tools they need to police their own games, and the issue will be both rare and avoidable, as evidenced by pretty much every other online multiplayer game I’ve played. If the boosters have the majority in the game making the votekick impossible, then just report them and leave.

I came across people boosting in this game as early as beta, but I’ve encountered it maybe 4 times total. Could it have been more common if parties could include the monster? Yeah, probably, but the time we spend reforming the party because we ran into a booster would probably be more than made up by the amount of time we wouldn’t have to spend restarting games and waiting for a monster player to actually join and stay.

In every game I’ve ever played, Evolve included, being able to play against my friends is as much or more fun than just playing on their team. Until there’s some uber-competitive ladder-type system in place where stats actually mean something, there’s no reason not to let people play the role they want.

EDIT: Due to a separate conversation I have now been convinced that this game’s community is, in fact, full of assholes, and that a votekick option would not be as nice as I originally thought. It turns out that I’ve lived a fairly sheltered gaming life, proactively choosing to play with people and within communities that actively weed out assholes, and thus I would like to retract that portion of my post.



I very much doubt this behavior would be prevalent enough to outweigh the benefit of being able to play with my friends who prefer/compete as monster without having to have four other people online and free to join.



I am fine with people able to play monster in party, once we get ranked mode. If there is a ranked, and casual play I would have no problem if casual could be monster in a party.

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This is absolutely not true. The vote kick in my game is horribly abused and creates the most toxic interactions. It actually makes people quit the game. Don’t add this. Once you do, you will never be able to take it away, and you will regret it. But about this topic…

I don’t think you should be able to be in a party and queue into a ranked match and still have access to the monster. It is too exploitable. Make the group max four and all of those have to be hunters. There are plenty of people willing to play only the monster and would love to be able to go up against organized groups.



A vote kick would be horrible. Absolutely horrible.

I play another game called Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The pubs on it are terrible with the vote kick and will kick anyone for any reason. Even just for being good.

Give the power to rid people from a game in a game where you are reliant on a team working well would be a nightmare, just kicks left right and centre. Couple that with often being given a hunter you don’t want or hunters instead of monster and you have recipe for disaster. How would anyone improve their ability to play this game (skill is a massive part) if they are constantly kicked for not doing the best of the best?!

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