A favor from the devs


This may seem weird but can we by any chance in the future get a full scale diagram of all the monster’s nervous system, skeletal and organ structures? It’d be interesting to see what these creature’s look like on the inside and the various organs that they may have and how all the food that they consume turns into energy that allow alpha monsters to evolve. And them being aliens I’d imagine them having bones that’s completely different than the animal’s on earth and shear :wink:


Buy the art book.

chances are it is in there. If it isn’t in there, then there probably just isn’t one to ask for.

I imagine information however can be found already, maybe in the art book too, as well as several other resources here already.


Game isn’t out yet. Asking for full scale diagram on the inside of a monster.

Joking but would be a cool idea to have.


Maybe Laz will be nice enough to do a full dissection of the monster carcasses like he said he would in the dropship O:


Oh god, that’d be brutal and beatiful at the same time.

It would mean the colonists killed one of themc though… and that’s just another reason to get them!