A fanfic for Kala?! What do you think?


Hey guys If you dont already know I’m making a fanfic story on Jack on the forums! If you havent seen it already its called Jack’s Lucky week so check it out real quick if you havent read it. But more to the point after I’m done with that story I’m thinking on making another fic but this time one that focuses on Kala’s situation. This fic will follow up on where Jack’s stroy left off.

Soooooo…the question bares…Would you guys like to see that? I do love Kala, But Jack is my fav hunter so I did him first! What do you guys think? Should I go for it? :innocent:

Be Honest!


Story about kala? YES PLEASE!!!11!!!1


well…since you asked so nicely…:innocent:


anyone else have something they wanna say? C’mon I dont bite!..much…


Yes, I read your Jack story. I have mixed thoughts.

I do not like the way you have formed it, but it was an entertaining read.


What do ya mean? :confused:


It’s almost laid out as a play and not a story


I…dont think I understand…:confused:


Play’s can be like just complete dialogue with minimal writing outside what they’re saying, maybe that’s what he means? Like maybe try to form the story around more than talking?


How do I do that? :confused:


Write outside, you know describing some surrounding, the facial expressions of someone. Like this "Jack had an embarrassed look on his face when he missed the dome, dirt kicked up as he came to screeching halt. He wanted to redeem his failure, determination filled in his eyes as he got a sudden boost of adrenaline, it wasn’t Caira’s adrenaline field funny enough, it was the thrill of the hunt. “The Jackal will not fail again” .
Give’s it more reading appeal then them just talking.


Alright I catch your drift. Thanks I’ll work on that in my next post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Write their thoughts, write about what they do between character encounters, describe the scene.

Here’s how I started writing:
Pick up a novel you like.
Read the first page.
Re-write the first page swapping out characters and objects from the relevant universe.
Use that as the start of your story.

EDIT: I never actually used that in any story, but it helped get my train of thought going.


ok ok…i get the first part but swapping out characters abd objects from the relevant universe…what?


By this as far as I am aware, he means, take for example… Little red riding hood. She’s on her way to Grandma’s house, right?

Now, you take Jack, Lennox, and ehhhh… A goliath!

Instead of Red riding hood walking to grandma’s house and encountering a wolf disguised as grandma, you instead have Jack on his way to the mining facility where momma Ida Lennox is. But instead of encountering Lennox, Jack encountered a frightening goliath, instead.

Poor example, but does the job. You’ve swapped the characters our, and the objects (well I swapped the location), to make it fit into the relavant universe- our universe being the Evolve universe.


hahahhaa! oh toiletwraith you are a card. :smirk:


Yo derp my fic on Jack is almost finished. So I will be starting on Kala’s Story soon.