A Fan-Flippin-Tastic Night on Evolve!

We beat 2 ESL monsters tonight, @B_Wood3235 (I had to run Hyde because of the caves suck with Torvald [Broken Hill Mine]) And @flippy103. Thanks to the people that I tagged in this thread, gg’s and thanks for giving us a fantastic time!

We also beat #2 Behemoth on PS4 4 times in a Row! The fifth time he took out our medic and relayed it ._.

Tonight’s game of Evolve was just Fantastic, and that’s exactly what I like to see in this game.

How is all of your nights doing in Evolve? Beat anyone special?


Dang, someone told me that there was a strong team online and that I should go play, but I wasn’t feeling the tryhard. And congrats on killing Deathgod Flippy! Who else was on your team? Who was the dude that cheesed the relay?

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Kept getting kraken over and over again. It was different players but they nearly always picked Kraken. I think 2 went wraith and one was Goliath… And that’s after like 20 games about. Esl players were showing off krakens and now everyone is running krakens. Some fun times were in right now. I hate fighting krakens like how most people hate fighting flee til 3 wraiths


Who were the other players on your team? And why do you not play in the ESL yourself? You and your team should give it a try. We’re always happy to welcome new teams!

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My entire team is busy on Sunday. Others we absolutely would.

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Me, Arrowking13, Socom-sku, and Pureray-/Leothelion as subs.

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@KaptinSkorge @Mindoci here are videos so you can get and Idea of what we were doing.


I honestly think, if flippy would have not ran off after taking down the medic, that match would not have progressed to part two lol

He should have just kept a small distance and armored up in my opinion. Just my two cents lol

The spacing out and elevation control you guys were doing was spectacular. Nicely done.

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I agree with your statement, you guys couldn’t hear us communicating but I was yelling my lungs out that we should split up immediately because I garunteed that he would do as you said, armor up, comeback and kill.

Walked num and pureray last night with pika I’ve been enjoying 2.0 although the amount of people getting walked is a little discouraging at times

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Good job.

Nothing is better then those nights where everything is clicking and you get some awesome wins. Almost makes up for those soul crushing nights where you get steamrolled…


Yeah Pureray- told me you guys were stomping him also. (Num was who we played to if it wasn’t obvious.)

Do you seriously not know skorge? I have a good guess I mentioned walking him after we dropped him down to silver and kicked him out of gold

Yeah we beat him 4 times, how many times you kill him? Good job @crazybread101, we deranked him!

#Internet High Five!

BTW he was the most boring Behemoth I’ve fought in a super long time.
But respect to him.

Beat him twice walked him once

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Did he hide in corners against you guys too?

Ever game was 24m long ;-;

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He spent five minutes in the worlds smallest cave the second game the first game as memtioned before he got walked twice
Edit they were in the same first two games

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The second game he got to stage 3 and we dome him immediately when we see him so he can’t wall the relay and he sits there and tries to mitigate damage with full armor on stage 3 and tries sneaking to the relay right after that

Yuuuupppp his excuse was “I haven’t played in a while” ._.

I kinda well deployed the picture on num he didn’t respond though