A dream story of Magical Manggo thief with Sunny and Daisy

Last night I had the weirdest dream dream where I didn’t found any games so I decided to pick manggos at @niaccurshi manggo garden(for some reason our little skit yesterday followed me into my dreams) then once I picked enough manggos for Daisy, Sunny and me to eat all our manggos got stolen by a sneaky waith. The three of us cried over it so we decided to form a team to hunt the wraith down.

On our way to look for the manggos we met @macman but he didn’t have a beard and he called himself “Zombinator”, together we eventually tracked down and kiled the wraith.

When we cut her up to find the manggos inside her, but PLOT TWIST! the manggos weren’t inside her!
We were baffled and confused as to where the mangos where then boom sunny got headshotted and is dead on the ground Chris ran away into the forest then Daisy made me followed her. I followed her then suddenly BAM! BAM! BAM!! I got shot in the knee and I’m on the ground.

As I’m lying on the ground with blurry vision(probalby from losing blood), I saw a female figure stand over me to my surprised it was Val.
She said to me, “All the manggos are mine now, you will never get them back!”
and I was like, “What about everything we’ve been through with the team?”
Val got sassy and was like, “It was all apart of an elabrate plot to fool Cabot and the Crew so CIG9 can steal all of Sheer’s Manggos.” and then she shot me in the heart with Daisy watching with some smug look on her face as she licked the blood that was dripping out of me.

Then suddenly out of no where…

R.K.O!!! R.K.O!!

Chris pops in and RKOs Val then set up a reactor to self destruct, then everybody died.

the end…


Is this… a normal dream?

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This is a rare and very vivid dream, I haven’t had any of these dreams in a while.

A shot to the heart would have killed you. And if you die in dreams, you wake up. This is a fact, and I call shenanigans on you, Azmi.

Not really. O.o I’ve had dreams where I die but don’t wake up. Shrug. I guess to some people death is the climax of a dream, others are just like “Oh I died. K.”


It’s hard for me to dream. :sob:. But I can daydream like a mofo though.

Death has been the climax of all of my dreams.

I’m sure Deadpool feels the same way

I had a dream as a child that a purple man in a suit broke my neck very much so killing me and I remember the dream going on just a bit longer as I remember people screaming afterwards.

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You need to lay off that Five Nights at Freddy’s. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do not understand how people play that game. It looks so boring.

It gets very boring when you play it for longer than maybe one hour or so.
But still

Oh no I got it. I just still don’t understand how people can play that game. I don’t even see how that game exists, much less has a million sequals.

I don’t know either. I mean, you’d have never thought that My Little Pony would become this popular either, eh?

Now that’s the stuff of nightmares. My nephew watches it. Its not really that bad of a show. I watched one episode with him but I don’t see how grown adults are so crazy about it.

I have no problem with the show myself. Although the more and more I look at the ‘ponies’ the less they look like horses and more like impish teddy bears.

Its decently written for a kids show, but that’s what it is. Its a kid show. So the adult fan boys are just really strange. It would be like a bunch of grown men religiously watching Barney the Dinosaur or something.

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It has some adult jokes and references and I’m a bit of a fan, but I really couldn’t bingewatch it. Just way too boring in comparison to other shows meant for adults.

That’s totally not a thing >.> <.<