A dream I had about TU9


This was a dream I had earlier. I was playing Lenox and got 2 stars on everything, it said “you unlocked predator skin” and a picture of Lenox with a predator design, and another skin (I don’t remember the name) with a white and brown design. When I checked the goals for 3 star it said for (I think) autocannon “hit the monster 17 times across a complex acid map” and I got confused. Next I went to a map category menu that had maps groups like “acid, glacier, volcanic, complex, desert, borough” and 6 more I can’t remember and each one had a symbol. (volcanic had a volcano and complex had a maze) I chose borough (as a side note I didn’t know what a borough was at the time I had this dream.) And it showed 2 maps (borough day and borough night) and when I was on day it showed a preview of the map in it’s box much like when you hover over a tutorial. And then I woke up. I put this as suggestions because some of these are good ideas. And also this was all in my dream (which has caused me to have a few deja vu moments) and I thought it would be a good idea to share this dream.




Yall gotta chill


You got some interesting dreams…


Am I the only one that checked who liked the OP to see if a developer liked it as a hint to us of new maps to come?


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I too remember having dreamed about Evolve stuff. It was around 2 months ago.
I was dreaming of a new medic, a male medic in which he is a highly trained soldier with a grey camouflage suit. He learned so much in the militarism that it became his life to act like a soldier, and because of this he took some of Sousuke Sagara’s personality (the main character from Full Metal Fumoffu).
I dreamed that his way to heal his teammates was to shoot to create a weak spot on the monster (like Val do), the teammates that hit the weak spot could heal a certain ammount of their health.
I don’t remember much of my dream, but it’s a character I will recommend for his personality, but more or less for his way to heal.