A drawing request

Could someone possibly draw a 3rd Gen Basilisk Soldier that was spliced with a lobster or a spider?


I’ve actually been wanting to do so for a while. Hopefully I can get the time to do one tomorrow. :smile:

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I knew it lol you are great

Awesome I can’t wait to see it

I don’t have as much time today as I had hoped, but I did this thumbnail silhouette of a 1-2nd Gen Basilisk soldier. (Yes, I forgot I was supposed to draw a 3rd gen, so this one is very grotesque. xD )

I imagine 1st Gen to not be very humanoid. 2nd Gen they’re starting to get the hang of the human shape. 3rd gen it’s more or less perfected. Dunno if I’m wrong to assume that. I would really love to know how weird looking and not human 1st gen was.