A Dragon in Need (Xbox)


Hello I am Elite14life on Xbox one and I am in need of a team. I’m a experience monster player and not a bad hunter. I have been around since both the alpha and the beta,but I never had a team. So I hope someone has a spot open.


@chrono where’s your thread with all those XBox people?


I was unaware that there was a separate thread for this topic.


No, there isn’t. I was just tagging someone who made a thread with a large list of XBox players. Don’t worry.




Hmm I guess my preferred role would be medic
however, I can fill any other role if needed


Most people and teams are the same way. They have a preference but can play anything. Most teams are flexible so don’t be discouraged by any of that.


Ok thanks for the info


You could try playing with us. We occasionally sub people in. Chrono being of note among that group. We have a decently regular group of 4, but hey, life gets in the way so we don’t always have everybody. And we do go into Customs if we have more than 4 people looking to play at any given time. If you want in at any time, feel free to shoot a message my way. :grimacing: :incoming_envelope:


Add me xxelxbeastroxx


Hai I’m Rapterror9


Huh. Totes thought that it was @Pythios who made this thread based on the title.


Same at first.


Thinking every dragon is the same.


Fine! sorry for thinking about you! ~huffs~


Oh. I didn’t mean it like that.


I knows xP

Was just messing with you


Alright I will.


Would you like to be apart of a group as well


I know right