A discussion I think the Devs Should see


Hey guys! Interesting discussion going on over at reddit about the future of your game! People are sharing their thoughts and suggestions about a f2p model. I know you might not be able to comment officially but I at least hope you see the post and some of the comments.

Also this is my first post, so if links aren’t allowed let me know

The Post: http://redd.it/32tw7f


Links are fine, you’re good. :slight_smile:

And again with the F2P stuff? They think 2K’s going to buy into that?


What do they have to lose?


Hmm. If they do go down this road, it’ll be interesting. More pubs for the stomping at least.


I’d be all for the extra pubs. As it is I’m level 40 and I’m too bad at monster to main it, but it’s my favorite part of the game. I’d have a chance to catch up :smiley:


Isnt telling the devs like telling a car factory worker how the car should be sold?


Now that I think about it… yes. Excellent analogy btw.


Would make finding matches funny. ^.^
Maybe people wont get level 8’s as 40’s. O.o


What of compensation for those who actually bought the game? Whose going to manage the cost of recall from new and used disc copies?


This. Thanks.


It’s worth remembering that at some point the f2p model is more likely to happen than not. It’s ok to think that now is not the time (or that it is), but also know that economically there’ll come a point where more money can be made from skin sales and DLC alone via a free playerbase than by relying on the remaining existing playerbase.

But of course there also runs the risk that people don’t pick it up when it’s f2p and so that will be the end of development for this game :frowning:


Certainly not now, but in the future it’s not a big surprise if they do consider it. PC numbers have dropped significantly, it was stable around 2.5k-3k now it’s roughly 1k-1.5k

I don’t expect anything to happen in terms of business model until maybe a year later, but by then it’ll be rough.