A Discussion About "Gitting Gud"


Oftentimes we on the forum come across the term “Git Good.” Sometimes it’s posted in a photo. Other times, it’s posted in a reply. As a mod, and as a player that wants to “stay classy,” this is just a phrase that doesn’t sit right no matter when it’s used. Most of the time the mods will automatically delete such posts, remove the images, or redact the text. However, we can’t catch them all and I don’t think it’s widely enough known that we on the forum do not care to see the term “Get Good” or its iterations here on the TRS forum, much in the same way we don’t tolerate the “PC Master Race” or “Console Peasants” banter back and forth.

If someone is asking for help or is having an issue, saying “Git Good” doesn’t give any assistance whatsoever and is a cop out response by someone that doesn’t want to take the time or initiative to explain how to do better but just throw that in there to berate the intelligence of the person it’s said to. It serves no purpose and only fosters hostility…so please, lets keep it classy, and steer clear of the “Git Good” phrase.

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But… But… No git gud? ;-;

I only do it when people are stubborn and refuse to take advice while insisting that their method is better while simultaneously complaining about certain aspects of the game…

This is a serious blow to my humor… :cry:


Maybe time to find new material


No hard feelings to those that have used it in the past. We know most of the time it’s not done to purposely hurt feelings, but we mods have seen our fair share of When Good Threads Go Bad, and this is generally a very distasteful term, often serving as only a put-down, so we do not endorse it.


In all honesty sometimes its a case of get good At this or that


@SledgePainter, sincerely thank you a million times over. I for one seriously dislike the use of the term and it had become all too common in this forum. Hopefully this will stop or at least decrease use of the term that does nothing more that suggest “you suck”

Now, if only we could get people to stop saying “crying” every time someone expresses an unpopular opinion about balance :slight_smile:



Okay. lol


You won me over 100% with Ron Burgundy :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you want us to flag them if we see them?


You don’t even know Git gud m8


But… I have pictures… I’d post one but I’m not allowed :cry:


Until you go through the grueling trials that are Dark Souls, you have no right
Besides, Git gud is a DS community thing, doesn’t make sense to bring it here (except me cuz I can’t not say it, it’s been hammered into my personality)


Except… I own Dark Souls 2: Prepare to Die Edition

For PC. I just don’t have a gamepad.


You shouldn’t need one.
Who played DS on KB+M and won?
This guy.
I earned my place.


It strongly recommends it.


Recommendations are for casuls.


What was this, exactly?



Testing something. I had to tag someone to test it, and yours was the first name that came to mind.


It’s about time this stupid phrase is being looked into. Seriously wreaks of elitism lately here with increased usage recently.

The gifs and pictures are just as annoying too (the ones that ridicule people), are they being looked into as well? @SledgePainter