A different type of shield


how about a new shield idea for the tier 5 support. A temporary shield that last a couple of seconds but can only shield a small amount of damage. The catch you can place this shield onto multiple hunters at once. Think slims bug but you can use it multiple times.


I like the idea but I feel like this should be a Support character’s tool since Assault is resposible for dealing damage, not protecting the Team.


For the love of everything monstery, no more shields, pls, they are beyond annoying >~<
And having everyone shielded at once


it is for support


True but what would the new support have instead?


What I’d like to see is a replicator.
Have him create duplicates of hunters that run around and confuse the monster, but they aren’t “smell able” so a sniff would be enough to sort out which is real and which isn’t.
Just a really tricky support, I just cannot stand the thought of more shields >_>


I’d like to see an assault with a shield similar to the NC MAX’s aegis shield in Planetside 2. It could be made different than the normal personal shield for other assaults by being toggle-able.


~cough~ Terran Republic master race ~cough~


TR is love, TR is life
~cough~ Vanu can suck a fat one ~cough~


Please, no more shields. 50% of the Support characters already has one, as does 100% of the Assault characters (d’oh). I sincerely hope that TRS are more creative than slapping yet another shield skill unto a hunter.


finally done with fan made tier 5: trying to bring the community together so we can get characters that would be like nothing else seen in evolve.

I have a support named diamond that suggest a bunker idea, something different. share you thoughts :smiley:

to much info to post on here so ill save space and just put up an optional link. but i think a bunker idea would be clever.


Imagine that support and slim