A Different Penalization System


I think a different penalization system should take place for players who quit matches. Normally, if you quit, you can’t start another match until the timer runs out. But that timer should have different times for different situations.

If I enter a match with my fifth role preference, and I quit the game, I shouldn’t be penalized with a timer, because I quit a role that I least wanted. It shouldn’t be my problem. The closer you are to your primary role choice from the last one in a quitting, the longer the timer should be, because you are quitting roles closer to those of your choosing, and should be held responsibly according to the degree of their significance to you.

Quitting 5th role choice: No timer penalization
Quitting 4th role choice: 20 second penalization
Quitting 3rd role choice: 40 second penalization
Quitting 2nd role choice: 60 second penalization
Quitting 1st role choice: 80 second penalization


I like this idea because I can not tell you how many times I have gotten monster as my least preferred, it makes sense