A different kind of Wraith/Balancing/Matchmaking thread


Hey, as most of the regulars know, the Wraith threads (and MM threads) are a bit long in the tooth (pun intended) at this point.

It occurs to me that it’s going to be a bit of a pickle to sort out until the game is a bit more mature and we have a greater number of high level players no?

What I mean is that if they nerf the bitch, monster players that run up against a fairly good hunter team will be bitching. We (LVL35-40s) don’t really have much of a problem wrecking an average or below average Wraith.

This seems to be more of a problem of newer/weaker players coming up against a more experienced Wraith imo.

On the flipside, if they made the MM more strict, then those of us at the higher levels will have to wait around a LOT longer just to get a match. Not ideal given that we’ve put so much time in (and hey, I don’t mind helping/teaching the newer folks).

I can certainly see how juggling all of this might be a tough one for the TRS folks…



People just need to get used to fighting her. She isn’t OP, but is still somewhat new. I’m sure people will be crying Behemoth OP when he launches.


Yea, again… I get the sense it’s a matter of newer folks running up against a higher level Wraith, so I can certainly understand the frustration and do agree it’s a bit of an issue. I just don’t see an easy answer due to what I mentioned about tight MM leaving us more experienced folks staring at load screens longer.

If I had some advice for those getting frustrated, try playing more Evac. Not only will you get some balancing, but the Wraith isn’t actually suited to every mode.

E.G. - when we get a Wraith on defend, we breath a sigh of relief. If you’ve ever had to deal with a good Kraken on defend, you know what I mean :wink:

OT - loving the BF glitch avatar brother… lol…


Having played with good and bad teams with good and bad Wraiths I think most of the “OP Wraith” stuff is overblown. However, the one complaint against Wraith I do concur with is that something with Decoy and avoidance is still a bit busted. If you’re pulling a decoy in the middle of things, I see you split, and I’m not nibbling on the fake you should be taking a penalty and it doesn’t work out to seeming like there is one yet to me. Just I think my issue is that what I would think was set up to be a skill/stealth creature is instead mostly being played as a lazy/tanky creature, meaning that somewhere along the way the design fell apart and is leaving a gap between their vision of what Wraith should be and how people are abusing the abilities to the point that it doesn’t seem to be played that way. Now, having played with a good Wraith who seemed to be trying to play more honestly to the original design by running heavy Abduction (I assume he was trying to get mastery) I would say that because Abduction isn’t quite so effective it isn’t so surprising that people favor Decoy/SuperNova.


lol @MAMEiac … now YOU’RE doing the mega paragraph? Say it ain’t so man… told ya I am old… hard to read that dammit… here, re-posting for the benefit of us senior citizens…

Whew… Ok, so yea… My son plays monster here, not I, but I am always up his backside not to play the character as a DB. He always engages Stage 2 and doesn’t spam any one tactic. Still wrecks a lot of teams, but plays it honestly at least.

I certainly think the Wraith, among other things, needs some balancing, to be expected. It was just that there is seemingly more to things (as mentioned above) that might make it hard to please everyone at the end of the day.


I thought I would repost this here:

I main Wraith and currently am at level 29. To get good at playing & winning I’ve found you don’t get a point in decoy until tier 3. Personnaly I go 3 warpblast, 2 abduct, 3 supernova, 1 decoy (if at all).

To start 1/1/1/0. Tier 2: 3/1/2/0. I’m sure there will be those that will disagree but its my personal preference.

My reason for not getting decoy until tier 3 is because it does nothing for you longterm. You can get yourself out of all situations without decoy and do more controlled DMG that actually count if you don’t rely on it. This is where player skill vs good hunter comps comes in. Decoy spam does uncontrolled damage that’s easily counterd/nulled and doesn’t help YOU improve your skill at all.

-End repost

The current wraith play for decoy spam is IMHO from unskilled players using it because its easy (these guys will soon move on to better tactics hopefully). W/L K/D padders (these are the ones hurting the mid level hunter community and will eventually leave the game out of bordem or when they get to higher levels and it doesn’t work anymore).