A different kind of "Monster"


“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Most people will already know where this thread is headed, who’s the biggest monster out there?

Humans are, we consume and destroy, it is not the abstract being lurking in the shadows who frightens me, the real monster might be anyone, might be hiding among us, maybe in plain sight, and you might never know what horrors they can unleash.

Yes, I’m suggesting what you think, a human as a new type of monster, but how can that be possible? humans are fragile, and slow, and not physically challenging.

That’s why we have our hands and our mind my friends, we can create everything we can imagine.

This game seems to have no storyline, unless you dig a bit deeper, what does all maps have in common? a human made structure with a power relay, the Dam, the Distillery, the Fusion plant, there is monster lurking, and in some places you can find mutilated human bodies, that’s why the hunters are there, to kill the monster who killed all the people working there.

But what if there is a survivor? the horrors he saw, they turned him insane, he thinks his employers let him down, he blames them for what happened, he seeks revenge.

Now, a dichotomy, how can a human become an EvOLVE style monster?

Organic: Injured, traumatized and confused, our soon to be monster wanders through unexplored jungles, he stumbles upon a new creature, unlike anything we know, a symbiont of some kind, they meld and a new monster is born, one with a single idea in mind, revenge, consumed by a burning rage, decided to unleash hell against his former employees, but a question arises, who’s in control?

Mechanic: Monsters don’t necessarily come from nature, we know how to overcome our biological limitations with the help of machinery, our new monster found what he needs to get his revenge, a construction mech, repurposed to suit his need for revenge, this deadly contraption is now ready to wreck buildings to rubble and to crush anything or anyone standing in its way, can the hunters face this new threat? a threat they’ve never imagined.


Not a big fan of this idea for a number of reasons. Mostly, it interferes with the lore the Devs have stated. The monsters were created, not naturally designed, with the purpose of wiping planets clean. This is also why they use elemental abilities and have similar anatomical structures. A human randomly become one of these monsters doesn’t make any sense.

The robot thing is even more nope to me, because then it’s a robot, not a monster. IMO, a monster has to be something organic that kills people, usually without purpose. Otherwise it’s just a hungry animal or machine.


Not to mention that humanoid monsters are boring by comparison. Although I’m not quite sure I like the idea the monsters are created. I prefer them to be natural, but not native to Shear.


(Cough cough )dying light trailer


Yeah…he probably will be eaten before the week is out :smiley