A different decoy change idea


(Obligatory long post warning: Check the TL:Dr at the bottom to save time, read the body to understand my thinking)

Anyone seen the Gorgons Mimic teleportation bug?

I saw that and thought: THATS what I would absolutely love for decoy.

Imagine popping decoy- gaining invisibility, and like mimic- Gaining control of the Decoy, with its own pool of health and traversals. The difference being that pressing the decoy button against doesnt explode the decoy, it instead teleports the real wraith to the Decoys current location. Doing nothing however, and letting the decoy time out, would simply keep the wraith are the point where she activated it.

This could give decoy a LOT of utility, AND suit a lot of playstyles, WITHOUT being confusingly frustrating for the hunters (which is the key. it has to be fun and intuitive for BOTH sides).

No more decoys doing nothing or attacking the wrong person. Have it do what you want, when you want, how you want, as you want.

If you like the brawler wraith, you can mitigate some damage against yourself, while you go use the decoy to brawl and cause havoc. The hunters could now attack the decoy directly, like youd expect to be able to, AND be rewarded for it. The “hey dont attack decoy” thing is nice for current players who understand how decoy works, and know how to quickly discern a decoy, is a decoy- But who didnt for a long time simply “see the wraith” and attack it when they first started?

This would also let the decoy be a powerful repositioning tool.

Go in with the decoy- Happy with the chaos, turmoil, and confusion youve caused? Trade places and go in yourself to finish the job, just like an assassin.

This also lets decoy work as a powerful mobility tool- both in the dome, and OUT of the dome.

One of the biggest complaints for wraiths is her lack of mobility now. Doing this would let you use decoy as a powerful mobility boost. Spend your traversals, poof poof poof, cast decoy, poof poof poof, trade places with the decoy- Tada. Youre now further ahead. Now before people start screaming OP, please keep in mind that the only distance youll REALLY gain, is the distance from the traversals- which is about 15’ish meters each, for 45 total. Factor in decoy cast time, and “trade place time”, and you reduce this number, to something close to what goliath gains from leap smashing off of a pillar.

Of course this works IN the dome as well- Get behind cover, and decoy out of there to the other side of the dome. And since youll be steering a decoy as you move around, youll be mitigating WHILE doing this. But UNLIKE decoy now- This will NOT be confusing for the hunters. Youre not simply given a “juke button”. But thats NOT to say that the hunters DONT have to be on their toes. Yes theyll see where the decoy goes- But if you break LoS with the decoy, they WONT know if you did or DIDNT use the decoy to teleport and swap places. Theyll still have to cover where the decoy went, to make sure the decoy went there, and cover where they saw the decoy come from, splitting them up- Giving you opportunities to take someone out. Like an assassin.

This also lets you use the decoy out of the dome as a scouting tool. Is a particular buff up? Dont want to waste a lot of time finding out? Use decoy, blast ahead. Not there? Go back to where you were. There? POOF. Go get it.

But the biggest thing, is this lets you use decoy, AS a decoy on chase. Remember that awesome bit in the trailer when you saw the wraith lead the hunters away with a decoy? Only to find out that doesnt really work in this game because the decoys AI is derpy, and will either b-line to the hunters like a bat out of hell, or simply stand there and suck its thumb? Its easy to spot this behavior. Since the decoy would be player controlled, itd LOOK player controlled- from a distance itd be harder to tell if this was, or WASNT the decoy, unless they were able to get enough hits in on you to tell (which means you were probably casting it too close). You could use this to lead them away, like an actual decoy.

But hey, if they DONT fall for it, and DONT follow the decoy? Guess what- POOF. Trade places.

Covers a lot of bases, is hopefully intuitive for both the monster AND the hunters to deal with, brings utility, and fits very thematically with a “stealthy” assassin warping monster.

Tl:DR; Let wraith steer decoy like mimic. Make her invisible while she controls the decoy. Pressing decoy again, teleports you to the decoys location, Doing nothing, would simply keep you at where you activated the ability. Use this to brawl, use this for stealth, use this for mitigation, use this for scouting, use this for repositioning, use this for mobility, use this to mislead, use it however you want- all while being more intuitive for the hunters to deal with.


Wouldn’t it basically make Wraith invulnerable for the duration if the hunters don’t know where the cloaked true monster is?

I kind of like the idea, but it needs refinement.


No more or less than the current decoy does.

The idea is to give the hunters a chance to see where the decoy came from to discern roughly where the real wraith is, or a chance to watch to see where the decoy goes- To see where the real wraith might go. This would simply narrow down the possibilities, but still require the hunters to split up and look. If the decoy goes around cover, you wont know if the real wraith did or didnt change places- So someone will need to check. Likewise, someone else needs to keep eye on where the decoy came from, in case she didnt trade places.

And this splitting them up can be used to the wraiths advantage. Youre making it more intuitive for them to find you, but youre making it easier to peel one off and making it harder for them to help their team mates as quickly, giving you a window to surprise and attack. “Like an assassin”.


If decoy is supposed to be used for stealth and escape, then why would you do this? The hunters would be able to see where the fake decor=y is going and just wait for the time to go up so that the real decoy teleports right in front of them for them to shoot.


I think that the only working part of this variant is the misleading effect on hunters.


The idea was that the wraith could choose whether or not she did or didnt want to trade places with the decoy. Pressing decoy again would teleport her to the location- Letting it time out, would not.

If the wraith steered the decoy out of LoS of the hunters, even if its just behind something small- How will they know if she did or didnt teleport there? Theyll have to check. If the wraith sees all of them going to this location to check, she can opt not to teleport there- And stay on the other side. If they split up to check (looking at both where the wraith came from, and where the decoy went), the wraith can decide which place would be better to be, to take advantage of the split the hunters are making and find an opportunity to attack.

Yes like this the ability would narrow down where the hunters have to check, but thats a focus point of the ability- Its more intuitive for the hunters in regards to what they have to do (and therefor hopefully less frustrating), while still offering advantages and counter-play for the wraith herself. Theres lots of ways to be “stealthy” and “tricky”, without having to resort to straight up “juke buttons” and work out in a way thats intuitive to be on the receiving end of.

Hopefully so. I think used right this ability could be extremely misleading. Far more misleading than the decoy is now anyways. Imagine seeing the wraith up ahead, shes moving from left to right behind pillars, visibly sees you, and b-lines off into the distance in another direction. you see her warp once, twice but never a third time- as she continues to run away from the trapper, breaking LoS again.

Whats the trapper going to do? Whats the team going to do? They going to assume this was just a decoy? and not follow it? Instead opting back to where they saw the wraith coming from when they first got eyes on it? Or chase where they saw it going?

Note I’ve never said whether or not the wraith did or didnt use decoy here. and i wont. Theres no wrong answer. theres no right answer. She may have indeed popped decoy while out of LoS and used it to steer the hunters in a new direction, she may not have.

But then again isnt that a big focal point of decoy? To work as a decoy and be misleading? The only other ideas here were to allow her to use it to open up on the hunters, brawling with them for a moment and deciding if it was effective enough to warrant going in herself, and to give her a bit of mobility on the run/chase. I suppose she could use it to disengage to a degree, warp blast up into the air, pop decoy, and use the free traversals to teleport herself out of harms way. She might take some damage to herself as she does this, but the extra traversals will get her where she wants to go just that little bit faster.


Liking the idea :slight_smile:
I guess if TRS are going ahead with that change to decoy that the gif showed then your idea won’t get a chance but it definitely sounds better than the current decoy which kind of sucks


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