A dead person on fusion plant


Sorry I making all these topics but I found a person on fusion plant. Dead but that means a food source


Yep, there’s some on Dam too. They’re worth two meats I think.


Back during the E3 tournament there was a really good dev match where the Kraken player, instead of running, just snuck back into the dam complex and started eating all the human corpses while the hunters ran off in the wrong direction.


I tried that same thing on the dam during the first alpha and it worked wonderfully. Got about four ticks of armor in time to sneak behind the hunters drop point and hit them with a lvl 3 rock as they landed.


I look forward to finding bodies like this on the map. I imagine they will become interesting strategic points once people learn the locations.

It can make for an interesting early game gambit: go into the wilderness after the monster and leave the free meat exposed, or check the free meat and risk the monster making distance.


From what I’ve seen, the bodies are always spread around whatever the colonists’ base for the map is. On the Dam they’re scattered around the dam itself, on the Fusion Plant there’s some near the lower entrance, by the waterfall, and on the Distillery there’s a few near the big landing pad.

It’s a nice bit of visual storytelling. These installations almost always seem to be somewhat torn up, with fires burning freely, wrecked vehicles, and tears in the walls. Considering the monster either starts very near by (or in the case of the Dam, on the lower level of the installation itself), it’s very self evident that the monster attacked the colonists, wrecked the joint, and killed or ate everyone it found.

Presumably it also tripped some sort of alarm, which led to the hunters being called.


I wonder how big they were when they first started. If they killed that many colonists and ate them, surely it would have evolved some prior.


Who knows. The different monster types are supposed to be related, maybe they’re all born as one default type of monster and don’t evolve into a Goliath or a Kraken subtype until after they’ve eaten enough. Or maybe they don’t start evolving til they’ve bulked up to a certain mass.


Are any of the corpses already consumed when the match starts or is it only the one from the opening scene? I don’t think the monsters had time to eat before the hunters showed up.


Plot twist: Lazarus can revive the dead colonists and they’ll turn out to be a super secret Hunter class


Zombie Decoys! Actually, that could be an interesting narrative method. Rez a colonist to find out what happened. Unfortunately, too much time has passed, so you only get a little bit of info before it decays again.


Are you alright? xD


The corpse the monster usually starts at is definitely not human, probably some Shear predator attracted by the smell of the dead humans and the monster was all “Wow, they don’t usually come to me!” I mean, it’s not like the monster is in a big hurry. He’s just casually strolling through the ruins of the base, admiring his handiwork. He probably ate most of the colonists already, the other bodies are leftovers he’s saving for a rainy day.

Of course, then the hunters show up to ruin his meal and the monster is very put out.


Those big jerks!


LOL! In hindsight that sounds bad. It is a great story telling tool/strategic point, but it comes out super macabre. Still, a two meat treat is a two meat treat :stuck_out_tongue: