A Customization System


What if there was a create a class system in evolve? Here’s how I think it would work:
There would be four slots:
Weapon, Extra, and the Class Tool (the ability would be set in stone for the class.)
The items available would be the all items from all the characters, minus the ability.
How would this work you ask? You could have a medic with Parnell’s firepower.
Well, the item would modify depending on what class it’s assigned to. For example, Caira’s gl would have a larger magazine, more fire rate, and more damage upon being assigned to an assault class.
So what do you think?


Sounds pretty cool, probably will never get it tho.


It’s a super cool idea, but yeah I doubt it will ever be implemented. All the extra balancing, of al the different combos. I would be a medic with cairas nades, and hanks shield. Then I would take an assault shield. Be the most annoying player. XD


Or Sunnys shield instead of Hanks honestly. Would let me shield and heal all at once. And that’s just 2 abilities and the passive, for my third I could have Daisy and do it all myself!!!


It was used in testing.
The current class system with characters replaced it.
Can you imagine how OP a Laz would be if they had Slim’s gun, revive glove, and acceleration field?


Actually, I just came up with a better Laz Comp.

Personal Cloak
Team Cloak
Spore Grenade Launcher

You’d NEVER find him.


This just sounds like a great way to make way too op hunters.


Least he would be viable in higher level play. :wink:


I would take torvald, and replace his shrapnel grenades with hanks orbital. >:D


You and I both know you only said that to make me angry. Well two can play at that game, JAK! Muhhahahahahaha!

actually no that’s evil im sorry shin ily


yeah what if you want a super soilder caira then TRS has to reanimate alll characters to fit with what you are using. (animating a STIM for caira to use supersoilder) if they didnt itd be just plain lazy


That’s Evolve 2