A couple bugs I've noticed


So these bugs aren’t related, I just decided to check the forum and noticed nobody else had posted them - at least through my quick search.

The first is a Parnell bug that might explain why he was so unpopular this weekend, and coincidentally not one I’ve ever noticed until this weekend - and it got really bad. Sometimes, you pop supersoldier, and partway through, it just stops. Can be almost immediately, can be 1 second sooner than it’s supposed to. Say SS lasts 10 seconds. If you pop it, and 2 seconds in this bug occurs, your screen goes back to normal, your shots and reload return to normal speed, and you need to wait the full 8 seconds before the recharge starts. You still hear the sound playing in the background, and the health costs are not refunded. I can’t find a consistent cause for it to occur - sometimes it’ll happen if you’re CC’d, sometimes it just decides it doesn’t wanna do it anymore, sometimes during reloads. That’ll take more testing.

This one, I didn’t even realize was a bug until I watched a stream. On PS4, Bucket can’t see any map indicators in his UAV. He can’t see hunter outlines, the monster if it’s tranq’d or tracked, can’t see birds, can’t ping or see pings. If you open the map, you can see things there, but not while flying. This is 100% of the time, to the point that again, I didn’t realize it was a bug until I saw Bucket gameplay through another console.


Question about the Parnell bug, who was the medic?


I don’t remember in particular, but the bug replicated itself many times across many games, so I’d think multiple medics. Are you thinking it’s caused by someone’s healing?


It’s been consistently happening with Slim. It makes sense since it didn’t occur until Tier 4 was released.


What he said ^
It usually only happens to me when I pop SS them Slim sends his bug to me.
I believe the bug is causing a bug ^.^