A couple bugs I've encountered, one is rather game breaking


So, the first one is pretty big and breaks the game. I hit the find match button, while in the Skirmish section, and when I got into the game, instead of letting me choose a character to play, I’m stuck in something like Spectator Mode… Except I can’t use any of my buttons other than on the mouse to cycle between all the players. That’s right, I was put into a full game through matchmaking and can’t even exit out.

The other bug happens on the monster. Every so often, when I jump nearby objects, not trying to climb on them, I end up skating around a small section of the map at extreme speeds. It lasts for a few moments before stopping, but boy is it a spectacle to behold.

That’s all I’ve found so far, but I’ll report any others if I run across them.


Happened to me once.Dunno what this is