A Counter To Split Teams


So we all know that on higher level play the team splits up to find the Monster and trap it more efficiently. You can’t stealth pounce them because they’re usually in pairs of two and you can’t down one before the other team catches up usually because of how they split. My strategy is to ignore the split entirely. Most people panic when they’re surrounded by Hunters and have no idea where to go (even I’m guilty of this). What you need to do is find out how they split the teams and push towards and past the link without the trapper. What will usually happen is you can do some quick damage to activate combat stamina and then use that to make your escape easier. To find the link without the trapper look at the frames of the body and try to memorize how the team likes to split. Do they throw trapper ahead or try to push you backwards towards the trapper? I can go into more details if necessary as I feel as I’ve recently been getting better at this technique. I’m not the best Monster around but I do know strategy and can give a few tips.


Find the trapper, run through the other group. They will most likely attack you, giving you combat traversal regen. After that, escape and stealth.


Yeah, basically the TL;DR version of it.


Pretty common tactic vs split teams. It’s better to cut the monster off instead, or send someone in to flush to the trapper while they’re cloaked by support.


You forgot the most vital part. If you notice a split, and the trapper is damaged (most likely reavers, blitzers, mammoths) and you have full armor and the medic is a ways off, DO NOT waste that opportunity, you ambush them so bad the trapper is incapped before he can say “Gotcha now ya bastard”


Yeah but I’ve been seeing a lot of monsters run towards the Trapper so thought I would share some tips.


No worries, I’m not saying it was bad for you to share any ideas you had. I’m sure it will help someone.


I figured that finding a weakness in the team and then using the moment would be obvious. But yeah definitely if a Hunter is basically half health you attack for the strike and move on before any consequences arise.


It’s hard to find out patterns. Sometimes with my team we do the 2-2 splits or sometimes 3-1 splits depending on the maps and area where the monster is. I for one, as a trapper of the team, avoid the damage of wildlife the best I call. If anyone is half hp, we call off the split without much worry.

If the monster has low armor, we won’t shoot a monster unless he wants to eat to avoid the combat stamina.


Yeah it can be hard when playing against people for the first time but I’ve been able to notice patterns sometimes.


You can ignore the split, I do it all the time. I’ll stand right in front of the group that is near me if I know trapper isn’t there, and I will sniff to see where the other group with the trapper is… Sure, assault and who ever else my chip at my armor but that means nothing. Best to always see where the trapper is before running in any direction while being pursued. Another thing is to to draw the trapper to the group who is near you. A lot of trappers will wait for the group to flush the monster, but if you engage the group that does not have the trapper, the trapper will most likely run towards the group, and you can then freely go away from the group with less of a chance of getting cut off.


Oh yes, patterns happen. But being a good team you must have to adapt I.E. evolve your gameplay to always keep your opponent on their toes. Same goes for monster players. Most monsters players have very easy to read patterns.


You should also use natural obstacles majorly to your advantage. The best map to illustrate my point is the nothern mountain und fusion plant. You are literally undomeable with any monster at that position as long as you keep tabs on the hunter position to prevent a stealth dome.

If they split 2/2 it takes too long for the hunter team to get to you before you bail since they need to run a good amount.

This also works against the 3/1 split with the trapper in laid back position.

Natural obstacles are your friend in all those cases and with 3/1 you use the obstacle to get a couple of seconds more to hit on the trapper.


There are people actually struggling with split Hunter teams?

I always find it so easy to counter and if anything I thank the god of Evolve for making it so hilariously easy for me to destroy them.

They split up and you have a decent amount of armor left?

They split up but are still sort of close to each other?

They try to flush you out towards the trapper?

Engage, engage and then engage them even more. It’s you who’s hunting them.
Oh, what’s that, the Trapper is there with them and just domed me? Kill him. His fault for locking himself up with a dangerous Monster.

^ That’s the appropiate mindset for when I play the Monster. I never really run away. No, I get my armor back up and then return to the Hunters for round #2. A few downs later my evolve meter is full from all the fighting. Half the time I don’t even bother with evolving. If anything, I prefer stage 2 on Goliath, much more mobile and the Hunters feel inclined to come to me which in turn saves me quite some time.

The only situation I might ever not take advantage of a Hunter team splitting up is when my armor bar is low.
Kind of a no-brainer at that point, just run straight across the pair without the Trapper. No worries, just ignore them.

Good of you to make this topic. Although like I said, I find it hard to believe Monster players have trouble countering this.