A cool hunter ability I'd like to see

BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING: This is an ability taken directly from World of Warcraft. I can see it or a variant of it being a really cool ability to see on a future Medic/Support (or especially on a ‘balls to the wall’ assault). Here is the copypasta of the ability:

"Alter Time:
Alters the fabric of time, returning you to your current location and health when cast a second time, or after 10 sec. Effect negated by long distance or death."

I don’t think I need to explain how useful this ability could be in certain situations or in general.

Opinions? Like it? Dislike it?

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It’s a really cool idea but would there be any counter to it? Like you eat an entire combo by Goliath (which if they’re good they can pull it off in less than 10 seconds) and then when the rock is incoming you just snap back, full health to where you were before? Seems a bit strong in my opinion.

The Support’s cloak is pretty strong but at least there’s a counter to it. Just gotta find their trail first and when you do the cloak is rendered pretty useless.

If TRS decided to do something “time warp-y” with one of the Hunters, I’m sure they could pull it off. Not sure it would work out in the way you’ve described here though.

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I get what you mean!

Some counters would be:
-Knocking the hunter far enough way by focusing to negate the effect
-Ignore the hunter so they waste it
-Outright killing them/incap (depending on their current health)

Also keep in mind that a potential match-changing ability would have a lengthy cool-down.

Yeah, a lengthy cooldown would help a bit. It would need some sort of visual indicator too to show the Monster that it’s active. Or maybe have it snap them back just a little bit? And give it a shorter cooldown. Like it’ll only snap back 2 seconds and it can be used on the rest of the team, not the Hunter holding the ability. Like Hank’s shield sort of. If the Support isn’t watching the battle, isn’t super on point with the “time warp gun”, then it will be wasted. That might be kind of cool. Not too terribly OP. :open_mouth:

This. The best monster combos will take a lot of health very quickly if you can’t avoid them. To be able to nullify all that? Doesn’t matter how much of a CD you give it…

It would only be able to nullify 1 round of CD’s from the monster. Maybe they’d soak up a Rock Throw and Leap Smash and maybe a little more/less.

With monster CDs being relatively quick, it’s not that OP but still helpful.

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