A connection to the server could not be established


not sure if this is the right area for this, but i cannot connect to the hunt servers at all. quickplay eventually worked, but anything hunt-related, store related, nothing is connecting :frowning:


Right now all servers are down. You should check this thread for more info.


thank you!


Wrong thread actually.


Use this one, my bad.


Are you on PC/PS4? Because 2k servers are a bit wonky atm.

@Shunty ninja’d me. Good thing I’m a Samauri and not a ninja.


yep, PC player and was just scratching my head at why the first link was posted :stuck_out_tongue:

no worries, its not just me so im good.


Yeah, the servers are down for everyone right now. I think it’s effecting other games to, since it seems to be a 2K issue.


usually when i start to make a topic, it will pull recent ones on the right side. since it didnt when i made this one, i assumed it might be isolated to me or my region. oh well, nothing to do but wait i suppose. maybe they are getting ready for TU09 :smiley:


You took my comment as a reply?


I doubt that, since @LadieAuPair said it would come out in June or July. I think 2K is just having some issues with their servers right now.


LOL i know im just being VERY optimistic :X

… but wouldnt it be nice?


Not really, I just grabbed the URL of the last post from that thread and posted it here.


It would be nice.


2K is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it,