A connection to my2K cannot be established



I have trouble connecting to my2k servers on PC via Steam. This is what happens:

I turn the game on, get to the cinematic, the text “signing in as znaleziatko” appears in the bottom right corner, and then the information pops up “Status - A connection to my2K cannot be established. Online profile and my2k features will not be accessible.”. After that I get the game menu but actually can’t do much without the connection. I can’t link the game with my my2k account because there’s no connection.

I played beta some time ago. When I first launched the game yesterday I had the “I agree to all” policy requirement part but the game didn’t ask to link with my2k account. Then I got through both tutorials and after that I came to the point where I’m stuck now.

Yesterday I bought two copies of the game: one for me and one for my husband. We are playing from the same LAN network (same room). He can play the game in multiplayer mode without any issues while I can not. I don’t have any anti virus software active and my firewall is disabled. I can play other Steam mutliplayer games without any issues as well.

I have tried reinstalling the game and restarting Steam/PC without any success.

What can be done to fix this issue? I would appreciate any help.


having the same problem here, did you verify your my2k account already ?


Yes, I have verified my2k account.


hm. I was thinking that would be the case, seem it isnt, i am in contact with 2k support and will let you know if should i find out anything


Thanks, appreciate that. I have submited a ticket myself as well, awaiting answer.


Fixed! Reinstalling steam and downloading game again worked.


i will try reinstalling steam. lets hope it works


2K’s servers have been having some issues lately. It may help them find what is wrong faster if you copy this report to their forums.


im already in contact with 2k support with an extensive report of whats going on, but thanks


You rock! Thank you :smile:


well, reinstallling steam and reinstalling evolve did not fix the issue


I have exactly the same issue as OP. Please post updates.


Yeah, I have updated my ticket to 2k support as well notifying them that I fixed the issue by reinstalling Steam.


well. bad news. after reinstalling steam and evolve and re-doing the tutorial i got reset :frowning:
still no answer from 2k support


ok wow UPDATE :
changing my STEAM name from one beginning with a signma ( Σ(OAO") ) to my main handle fixed the issue …

if that aint wierd I dont know what is


Holy shitballs. It was the same for me. I had " and nordic characters in my name. changed to all english and now it works perfectly…

Bad coding mayhaps?


I’ve had the game for about a week now and have been having the same issue. No response from 2ksupport as of yet. Is there a known fix for this?


aight, from what weve found theres a few things that can cause this :

  • special characters in your name, try changing your steam name to something without them, this fixed it for me. Maybe even something that resemblems/is the same as your my2k account name
  • reinstalling steam/the game ( THIS WILL RESET YOUR PROGRESS FOR SOME REASON ! )
  • verifying your my2k account via email


My steam and 2k account name are the same as here. I have verified my account via e-mail and I did try re-installing the game which didn’t work, but I did not try reinstalling steam. I’ll try that and will update whether or not it resolved the issue.


just be wary, as it might reset your progress
does your steam name contain ANY special signs, punctuation marks or anything that is not regular text ?