A comp that makes it hard to like playing monster


Ok so heres the deal, I love evolve and hardly ever complain, but recently me and my team/ community of players (we are on PC) have all agreed that this comp is just plain awefull to face against. Parnell, Cabot, Wasteland Maggie, and any medic, but usually val, either one, or Emet. The damage this comp does is INSANE when i play monster, it sucks, i dont like to play it, same for everyone else on my team. IDK how to counter it really, Behemoth because of health pool? well not really, HE IS BIG too easy to hit for parnell. Maybe kraken for damage medigation? No because of the fast setting harpoons, and val’s tranqs. OK so how about focusing someone, parnell? NO. he will SHRED you with cabot. how about cabot? well now you only have to deal with massive damage form trapper and assault. how about trapper? umm no, just no, cabot and parnell remember? how about the medic then? yeah you may get the medic down cause ya know, no sheilds, but your gonna lose 3/4 of your health doing so, and not to mention the annoying fast setting harpoons. IDK what to do, how to view this, or just how this comp can be balanced.


Val-Sunny is much worse.

I think the problem in this comp is WL Maggie, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her damage output nerfed in next patches.


Oh god, a Parnell that knows what they’re doing plus a Cabot is tough. You really need to be super quick on trying to get Cabot down, but prioritise avoiding Parnell while he’s on his super soldier serum.

And while maggie’s damage is good it’s not actually that massive, and it actually doesn’t take much (two mastered abilities max) to take down Daisy if you are finding she is a bit of a pain with her flamethrower.

Wraith is the best monster to take against this kind of comp though, if you are able to play her. Whatever monster you use you need to hit those combos and hit them fast. There are no shields so a bit of focus on parnell early to make him pop his shield means that an opportunistic burst of abilities can be devastating.


yeah ive heard of the dreaded val sunny comp, id honestly face that anyday vs this one


Hm, I myself have never really had too much trouble against Cabot with an active medic. I find Val,Sunny to be much and much worse. Try bursting down the medic with a combo, no shields mean a dead medic if you can hit your abilities.


Well, thing here is, they have insane damage, but bad self sustain. So just burst down medic, since there are no shields to protect them, all the while trying to migate damage from support+assault


Lets not make this a Sunny/Val thread, since there are a ton of those :slightly_smiling:


its very difficult to down the medic quickly if they know how to avoid you, and if emet is the medic, then its even worse cause he kites around his bouyes, then on top of that you have the INSANE damage output by parnell and cabot


It sounds to me like you’re fighting very much on their terms. If Emet is able to kite around then you need to back off, take some time to avoid damage on the fringes of a dome and re-engage later when there is a better arena for fighting in


true, Im not the best monster, but i have actually played as hunter on this comp, and my other teammates, who are much better monster, still feel the same way about it


oh right, i put up a screen shot of that bug that i posted earlier, hopefully it went through just to let ya know


I totally agree about WL Maggie the people abusing her are already in defense mode trying to hide the fact that her damage is OP. If Val focus heals Daisy her flamethrower can do like 3 bars of armor damage before you can get her down. Also the range on her Harpoon DoT and Daisy’s flamethrower are both insane.


I was surprised when I played against Parnell for the first time on PC, sniping me from 80 meters away with his shotgun 0.0

I was like… Waw


Laz/Emet, Cabot, W Maggie, Blitz M.



Yeah Laz,Cabot, Waste maggs, and Blitz kov is gg do so much damage in a small frame of time you can’t even fight really since blitz is running jetpack recharge and is floating over your head. Fun fact 1 leap while trying to get away didn’t break his beam or was it 2 hopefully it was 1 because yeah armor gone in mere seconds.



I had to check my saved clips, but it was you…
I need to apologize to you for using that comp on your Bob.
We really felt guilty there :worried:


:stuck_out_tongue: no problem I was actually happy it wasn’t sunny or val involved.


Well we did something we normally never do, dive in a cave after Bob :sweat_smile:

That comp just deals sooo much damage!


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