A comp I've been using lately


I would like to know what your opinions are about this comp. My team and I have been using it a lot and even though it sounds weird it works quite well!
Caira (damage resistance), Kala, griffin, and Lennox. The reason we use caira is because she’s the only medic that has good self sustain and heals amazingly. You could argue val has good self sustain but we prefer caira over val and always have. If she gets in trouble, run through the teleporter. Griffin is also there to stop the monster from climbing up the cliff to go after The medic, just enough time for medic to run through the teleporter. Kala and Lennox are are a good team for that 3.6x multiplier + armor reducer.


At first I was like “wtf kinda comp”, but after reading your description I think this comp is pretty good.

Damage Resistance Caira? How about Reload Speed Caira?


The only reason for damage resistance is because if she gets in serious trouble I have enough time to replace the teleporter without her dying, otherwise yes its always reload caira


Sounds pretty good. :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting to say the least. I’d have to try it out to be sure.

How’s this work against Kraken, though? Not stellar, I bet, from just thinking about it.


I have found that I like to run movement speed on Caira and Kala. For Caira, it makes her extra difficult to down as she slips away from melees and makes it harder to hit abilities consistently, and she already has IMO the best self-sustain of all medics. With Kala it’s nice to create some good distance between the teleport placements quickly, and helps her slip away when she is focused. Having it on Caira might help her get into the teleporter more often as well. I haven’t gotten a chance to try this with a coordinated team so I can’t recommend it with certainty, but it might be worth a try.


Aren’t all teams bad against kraken? Jk jk :joy:
This team is ‘O.K.’ against kraken. Just because griffin can try to bring kraken down from flying. In some instances if we are pretty sure they will pick kraken (depending on their emblem), we will choose Abe instead.


Still a 4x multiplier, or should be unless im having some kind of brain mannerism. Base damage being multiplied by 4 though is 90, so at 4x it does 360.

Lennox is a decent assault, but i feel she lacks the utility of Torvald or Hyde, and lacks the situational “burst” or parnell. Kalas armor reducer + parnell SS = One amazingly sad monster with coordination.

Im still baffled by the nerf for lennox. I “get” what they said- I just… dont agree haha.

Sounds like a decent all around comp though- Its not a “meta” comp, but Against all but maybe kraken (as he currently is), thatd be a solid and balanced comp, IMO.


Just tried the comp. We switched out WLM for Griffin just cause our Trapper feels more comfortable with her. The extra damage doesn’t hurt either for when Kala has the armor reducer on too. And I was Caira, however, I switched out Movement Speed for Damage Resistance. Better roaching, better healing, better self sustain.

Worked wonderfully. I imagine it would struggle against Kraken though. Wouldn’t mind adding it to our repertoire though.


Sounds like an awesome team composition. I’ll have to try it out!