A class varient sugesstion and a strategy for the monster team



I really don’t know what this topic is about right now…

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ya i just asked if anybody ever felt bad literaly killing ingame cretures

i dont but this guy supported the idea and a other guy then rebeled against it it like two cops vs one thief with nothing to harm. we are winning

we are both replieing reasons this is true @Parham

Let’s try to keep it on topic. If ya wanna continue that stuff, I suggest to take it to the Say Something Random thread. The memes are very dank there.

Also read this so you can understand the forums better.


well i swithched the topic

so now you can talk about what suits you

any ways back to the pain disscusion

I’m gonna try to explain this as thoroughly as possible…

When you make the topic, you simply must stay on topic. We have other threads for that. You just turned this into a thread that I just linked to you. Please use that one.

Also, try to just think about everything you want to say and say it in one post. If you want to edit, press the ‘…’ Button and press the pen. It spams threads and keeps sending it to the top that way.

So, I am just going to change this back to the monsters category, as that is what the title is about, and what we have been mostly talking about. Thanks.

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r u a hax0r?

doesent say nothin about being mod or any thing doesent even say regular

That’s what the random topic Parham linked is for. :wink:

A topic should keep to what the original post was about. That’s why we have different topics for different discussions. :slight_smile:

If you want I can create a separate topic for the pain discussion you want to talk about. I can move the off topic posts in this topic to the new one if you’d like.

Edit: If that makes sense. :smile:

Edit edit: Otherwise I can move them to the random topic. It’s up to you.

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I am a Regular, I don’t have the badge on. We are all working together to keep the forums tidy. You are new, so we excuse you a lot, but if you want to talk to a mod/leader then tag them in here.


Much disrespect. Many wow.

Directly to a leader aswell, gutsy move.

Imma block you now, have a nice day.

good day sir http://www.memes.at/face/118


Let’s try to be respectful to one another please. Don’t want to have to close this topic.

We’re majorly off topic so let’s get back to it.

I’ll move the ‘pain’ discussion to another topic and you can continue with that discussion over there.

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send a link to that topic so i can get there

and this is me right now http://www.memes.at/face/205