A class varient sugesstion and a strategy for the monster team


im happy with the elder kraken and meteor goliath, but a wraith class that is better than the original wraith like reaper wraith or something else. now for the strategy! the strategy is to eat low eat bar things with 25 50 or 75 percent faster eating speed like obsidian grubs (little things that attack you if you eat near them) or canion striders (agile creature found in forest or dessert map to replace marsh striders) and marsh striders are in any other map. and also eat the hunters when you kill them and get a chance too and when the hunters are far away from you then you can chow down on some epic wildlife or the electric walking octopus thing that is not the kracken. and this can also be done best with wraith and goliath. and also i bought gorgon and behemoth and they wont let me use them. fix the soon please. the feeding speed isnt just for the wraith varient i choose its for all monsters like a elete wildlife buff. its for all things


I moved the topic since the overall theme of your post is on a wraith variant, thus I also changed the title :wink:

As for faster eating speed, there is already a perk for it, and the stronger buff is the one the game picks, so the buffs don’t stack.

Eating faster means the monster can run the whole game, causing flee till 3 tactics, and the developers don’t want monsters to do that.


i think these suggestions and strategy will help gameplay well the strategy because you probably wont add the reaper wrath


no the eating perk is apart of the starategy


strategy i meant that didnt mean to mispell it


Then you should seperate your ideas/advice into multiple topics, and be more clear in your titles, since they sum up the idea. Simply stating “strategies and advice” isn’t very clear. Plus there is a monster idea thread if you want to expand out on your wraith variant idea :wink:

As for the feeding speed, I understood it as your Wraith variant idea’s passive ability, so my bad. Like I said, try to keep your posts clear :wink:

Feeding speed is something I see best being on Behemoth. I main Kraken, Wraith, and Gorgon and with those I chose more traversal buffs, like movement speed or traversal recharge. Behemoth can cross the whole map with ease, but his size makes him an easy target to shoot him off his food.


no its a buff like climbing speed for all monsters or like a elete wildlife buff from crowbill sloths or tyrants or just any regular animal


The troll was just right.


Then submit a ticket to 2K about the problem. There is not much TRS can do, and they don’t handle the money or tranactions.
Submit a ticket here:



I know that feeding speed is a buff/perk. I’m saying the buff/perk works better on Behemoth the most, and I stated the perks/buffs I use on my main monsters.

But if it works for you, then I don’t wanna tell you your wrong :wink:


ohhhhh so you think it just works best on main monsters well your main monster i dont have those. i use the monster based on if that monster is good doing what i want it to do like small maps im gonna choose wraith for the decoy ability


Question. Where are you from?


im from america unitetstates of america that is


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ya i just asked if anybody ever felt bad literaly killing ingame cretures


i dont but this guy supported the idea and a other guy then rebeled against it it like two cops vs one thief with nothing to harm. we are winning


we are both replieing reasons this is true @Parham


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